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Mike Posner

"Introducing the Icon"

[Produced by Deezus]
[Spoken intro]
[Verse 1]
Yo, wanna know something about my right arm?
I done flex so hard, I set off fire alarms
The fireplace's outta space with Orion's Belt
Big jewels on myself with the tiger smell
Straight out the jungle, stingray kiss
Ice blue cool, top lip frostbit
The sound byte Clark Gable on my cable bill
Bill Cosby on my couch out in Nashville
Long couch painted orange on the cornfields
High fructose concentrated purple spill
She was grabbin' on my schlong doing handstands
Hey Julia Stiles, save the last dance!
Second glass, thirty birds in my bottle
Only 3 stay forever, that's 10%
I can do the math but I choose to take a nap
Front yard hovercraft on Versace raft (damn)
Drowned last week, Swedish friends[?] by palm trees
Bitch, I could sing a hook like Alicia Keys
New plans, 40 grands on the next land[?]
I'm the white Gucci Mane with a spray tan
Big ballers don't wait, you shouldn't too
What the fuck a wife do? No wedding shoes, (no wedding shoes baby) no wedding shoes
What the fuck a wife do? No wedding shoes, (no wedding shoes, no wedding shoes)
What the fuck a wife do? No wedding shoes
Who you? Who come through doing kung-fu
Jinjitsu, eating kung pow when the thunder storm tornado sized symbol on my Guess jeans
You on the guest list? You wanna French kiss? I gotta double check your French tips
Hygiene clean you Jean dream, I dream, I dream shake like Hakeem Olajuwon
Diplo trippin' talkin' 'bout "You gotta focus on the lyrics in your songs, a lot is riding on this album"
Maaaaan, fuck that gimme piece and chain or medallion
Candy-gray Maybach, her ass stay flat
"You really shouldn't say that"
Man, its Riff Raff 30k or better when I touch stage
Girl, I crush the stage, rich kids bum-rush the stage
Broke ones get rich too, trade-in Isuzus, buy new friends too, remove tattoos
I rock turtleneck in the see-through
It's a clear turtleneck gotta check my Versace Glock in my glove box
Make sure that I gotta custom-built house with the waterslide from the top floor to the living room Jacuzzi
Electric maid cleans the house Jetson Judy, big booty
You can be 18 with some soft hands
Aw shit look who it is, it's the Gucci Mane with the spray tan
Wait, let's go back to the part near the start where you was talkin' 'bout the cleanliness underneath the fingernails
Any bad bitches? That's an epic fail, can't do that, who's that, who's who
I can ball at the mall, shoot hoops too, whole crew rockin' suits made my Bruce Bruce
And my wood wheel is a blue spruce(blue spruce)
She had a vibe I could vibe with, while we was flyin' had to go sit by the pilot cuz she smelled like Rikers Island
Straight max, straight stiff arm where the mayor at
Could I get some RiFF promotion or where the fuck my label at?
It's Riff Raff here, hit a couple lines of rice cuz I'm tryna get my six-pack back, you should move packs at your preschool
No common sense, but I don't sit on the bench, rap game Johnny Bench, with my fists clenched
Waiting on my chance to ball, waiting on you to fall off softly
Used to move ounces through my counselor's office
8 ball in my back pocket but I do not play pool
Play by the pool, 10-10 babes drool while I lay by the
Oohhh man, just working on my skin tone
The fuck you expect from the butterscotch boss when I floss, rap game Randy Moss in the cotton candy Buick sittin' on Brazilian gloss (Riff)
Hope you ready for that Neon Icon, it just dropped right now
Came through in the Benz bright brown(bright brown, bright brown)

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