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Mike Posner

"The Bloomingdales at Windshire Palace [Skit]"

Clears throat

Tinsley, I do say what a lovely evening we have thus forth
I've partaken in many a feasts, but these festivities have been with the best of- ah Ms. Clementine!
How are you?
Yeah, it’s a lovely day in jolly, jolly ol' Saint Pottersville

It’s just moseying on down the epic trail of life, and posing…
Oh, nice, nice, nice Bloomingdales
How is the Bloomingdales?
Ahh, so- so pretty
I appreciate it, oh, I appreciated the wine you gave me last night
It was quite, it was quite the fancy
It was quite the fancy for me and me family

Oh, just a thick of a day, my grandfather just knitted me some stockings
Yes he did, well just mosey on, let’s go over here and have some tea and crumpets
And just go back over to our little cave holes
Just a posted with the birds

Oh, its a its a two for one special out here isn't it. It’s just a two for one special
It’s just a big two for one
It’s just a big stupid two for one special
I mean it is a ridiculous amount of two for one specials

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