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Mike Posner

"Losing My Mind"

[Verse 1: Mike Posner]
It's 3:45 tell me I'm okay
Thoughts flying in and out my head
It's 4:45 I'm still awake
Staring at this ceiling in my bed
Hand on my Solo
That's almost empty
Everybody loves me
Hit me with Benzi
But who I tryin' to kid now
Need to put this shit down
People I don't even know
Tell me how to live now

[Hook: Mike Posner]
I'm lost on a road
But no one even cares
No one left to call
No one even there
Nobody at all
So I'm

[Hook: Mike Posner] [x4]
Losing Up My Mind [x3]
Losing It [x2]

[Verse 2: Mike Posner]
Walking around
Looking for a way
But no one tells me which way to go
There's people around
People say my name
But some how I'm still all alone
Hand me a cigarette
Don't care bout no cancer
Call up my girl friend
She doesn't answer
So I'm own my own now
Green in this bowl now
Pedal to floor now
I need to slow down

[Hook: Mike Posner]

[Hook: Mike Posner]

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