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Mike Posner

"Top of the City"

I'm on top of the city, this is how I'm living
Got my head up to the ceiling thinking how I'm about to be winning
I'm on top of the city, they asking which floor
I tell 'em head north till they can't go anymore
Man I'm on top of the city, and I ain't coming down yet
Staying hungry, raining money till the ground wet
Yeah, man I got nothing more to say
I said I'm here to stay, so get up out my way

[Verse 1]
Whole team with me, on Ciroc like I'm Diddy
Never fucking home but I'm on top of the city
Now I'm all up in your town, it's going down like the Titanic
I'm blowing up too fast, but why panic?
Taking flights, scared of heights? Better lose your fear
Cause I'm bringing your girl home like a souvenir
Now watch this, see your girlfriend is up in my cockpit
Beat my dick like it's up in a mosh pit, give me long neck, Chris Bosh shit
Don't stop bitch, I'm hot shit
I deserve a hand applause
Give you what you need then I leave, like I'm Santa Claus
Bright lights in the night, let 'em flicker
Got the haters snapping, cause they don't get the picture


[Verse 2]
I'm infiltrating the game so y'all remember the name
Living for the moment, this shit is never the same
If you ain't with me, your opinion is irrelevant
Evident that I'm deaf, can't nobody tell me shit
Yeah, too real to seem fake
Money on my mind bitch, Cheesehead, Green Bay
Most nights I'm still up before the sunrise
Do it cause I'm hungry, treat the booth like a lunch line
I ain't lying, somebody tell me I ain't grinding
I put my time in, so they do what I say like my nickname is Simon
Rewind it, man this liquor got me wiped out
Shawne Merriman, I will put your lights out, wow


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