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Mike Posner


[Verse 1: Rittz]
Go 'head and roll the red carpet out
Cause everywhere I walk on a martyr route
Just when you thought the game was garbage and watered down
I came to be the saviour seen 'em wading in the water
Started preying on 'em sort of like a shark or a crocodile
Uh I got bars like I was brought up with slaughterhouse
But say my name and you'll get sought out and shot up, blaow!
I got a quarter ounce of soft and a lot of crown
And a bitch to wanna' party, grab my card and I'll chop it out
Her heart was beating uncontrollably she dialed 911
And told the operator "sorry I pocket dialed"
I told her to walk it out but now she's calming down enjoying it
Annoying bitch keep trying to blow me with cotton mouth
I told her gag on it started making her cry
That turned me on that's why I came before her make up could dry
I want the bitch to leave can't find a way to say it polite
I told her there's an Uber waiting started waving goodbye
That never happened, half of what rappers say is a lie
But y'all don't mind like it's okay to get away with the crime
But it ain't shit to me cause breaking them off is just like a day at the office
And I don't mean the local paper supply get it?
Dwight, Jim, my pen's lightning
I've been vibrant, fire for a sizable time span
I get bent 'til my eyes squint
I'm in iHOP having steak with scrambled eggs on the side
When fans be coming up to catch a flick cause I'm one of the best there is
Bitches looking impressed from all the freshness that I exhibit
People say I rap too fast and play this track and reference it
And you forgave yourself for ever questioning my excellence
When it comes to self expression I'm a specialist
I pack a weapon for protection I ain't wrestling
They actin' deaf like they don't hear me though
They characters, they imitate like Jake the Snake and Rey Mysterio
Serial killer leave you dead, and left like, "Cheerio!"
Talk so much online it's like I watch you dig your burial
Pop up on you when I'm on the road you looking shocked
Like you forgot that I was real like what you thought this was, the Jerry show?
Your reign on the top was temporary though
I'm shining on them like a diamond from Sierra Leone
On a high note they can't compare me to they baritone
Watch your mouth I got the knockout power of a Larry Holmes
Industry, triple G's, switching the delivery
Just to see how many people dissing me, kiss the ring
Seem like yesterday they used to push with the soliciting
Get you [?] so bad it's like I had a skin disease
Probably see me in your city Mr. Freeze, slicker G's
Crew be steady got the bullet steady whistling
Got the pistol whizzing by your head
Used to flex like you was tough, what the fuck you got muscular dystrophy?
You don't want me as an enemy, Rodney Dangerfield of rap
I get no respect, I'm 'bout to take what they don't give to me
Drink so much my liver need a detox
And me it probably be thought that I was about to blow with no freon
A big reality check and then I came to a complete stop
Funny 7 years later I would be on and I'll be here for eons
My name up in the neon light
Clintel crew, Rittz up in this BIATCH

[Chorus: Rittz]
It's funny everybody wanna' envy me, they wanna' envy me, envy me
Cause I'm the, cause I'm the motherfucking MVP
I kept it S T R A N G E
I'm the MVP, I kept it S T R A N G E

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