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Mike Posner

"Mo's Focused"

[Verse 1]
Ok now she know that I'm a freak, I'm a scorpio
Told her I can split it then lick it like a oreo
Yea I put it down down down, let that Shawty know
She ain't gonna ever get a nigga on that maury show

I got her like oh oh oh my Lawd
She takin off my draws
She takin off my shirt
Now it's time to go to work
Boy I hit it til she squirt
She want that ooey that yea
She leanin back in that chair
While I'm grippin onto her hair
While she tell me keep it right there
I'm like Shawty if you give it I'mma take it
And if you want love we gotta make it
I'm focused to the max, now she wanna f with me
If she ain't on her A game I'mma let her Be
And all she do is talk about it
So I let her see
Yea lil mama love that
D, now she L N M O P

She's the mos focused
She like oh my Lawd
Oh my Lawd
She like oh my Lawd
Oh oh oh my Lawd
She like oh my lawd
(And I ain't really rushin but you blushin and im lustin and you like it when i touch it)
Oh oh oh my Lawd
She like oh my Lawd
Baby why you go so hard?

[Verse 2]
Ok I know that she a freak, she's a scorpio
Now I got her talkin like she tryna put it on me yo
Told her if you wanna be about it, what you talkin for?
Yea you know that I can probably get you where you wanna go



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