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Mike Posner

"Cigarettes and Perfume"

[Verse 1- Oncue]
Ain't been yet, gotta get inside
Cause I feel you created by the curves and the thighs
Not acting like myself
Fuck all the lies
Condoms on the night stand
Im ready to cut ties

Let's stay in this motel for eternity
I don't want maternity
Need to release the fire thats burning me up
Whats in your cup?
Baby if you want
I'll refill it up

All my best friends keep telling to fall back
Sleeping by the phone
Waiting for your call back
Stomach in knots
Nah, it ain't all bad
Gotta be love, if not what you call that?

Only got an hour
Everything is time and love
Digging your nails into my back
Your spine hit the rug
Move your thong to your ass cheeks
My palms lift em up
Like the incense and candles for the ambience

When I watch you, is it obvious?
The people in the porno like to copy us
Call me after work baby, I'll be up
You better call baby I'll be up

I don't know who I am
But I know where I gotta be (gotta be x3)
I don't know who you are
But I need you right on top of me
Right on top of me

Cause its just

[it's] Me and you
And all I smell in this room is
Cigarettes and perfume
Cigarettes and perfume

[Verse 2 - Oncue]
Only been in once
Gotta get back in
If those walls could talk
They'd start laughing
I was such a fucking fool back then
Now Im trying to get the upperhand
Don't know what happened

Call for the tenth time
Finally picked up
Said what you doing
Have you picked up?

Pulled out a cigarette
Half clipped up
Then she hopped in the whip
Had her shit lit up

She said sit up
Do you lay down?
Drive is so crazy
On the freeway now

Back to the room where it all began
I Ain't the old me
I'm a whole new man
I'm a whole new..

Look at me
I know the rumors all true
Still convinced
God did brought you
Got you naked
Yeah, I ought to
You're mine baby
You know
I bought you

All those gifts
I need to get inside
Need to feel again
Need to feel alive
Need to feel pain
Need to feel something
Only feel something when I hear you cumming

[Bridge - Manicanparty]
I just wanna be in love, be in love
I don't care about the sex, I just wanna be loved (be loved)


I just wanna be in love, be in love

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