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Mike Posner

"The Spark"

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
You ain't seen me for a minute, but I been here
Money getting longer like my chin hair (my beard)
I sport the latest style of swimwear
I wish I woulda known that life would be this way
Then again, if I knew, then would I do it the same
Beamer Olive but it's blue in the rain
Copped my man a matching six and now we two of the same
It's only right, right? Right
Everybody eating man (right)
But me first, I'm a hunter and I'm selfish
Dunk on Tim Duncan, 360° on ya bitch's face
Jump in the rental with the Maryland tags
Don't make me go inside the traveling bag (come out the javelin)
Then put my spoon inside the pudding in the ramekin
Leave you in past tense
All my bitches got accents, and big fat asses in a black Benz
Don't even call, cause I'm in Rome
Peace to all my fucking people locked up that should've been home

[Hook: Mike Posner]
My whole life was running away
But now I run with the wind
Don't know what else they gonna say
Look he done it again
Glory, glory, all I want
But now I'm out of the dark
It all started with a little spark

[Verse 2: Joey BadA$$]
The word is fucking bond..
Check as I open up my mind, and I open up my chakras
Perceiving in the light, as I focus through my optics
Third eye watching, stay open when I'm sleeping
Less sleep, more work, but I always stay dreaming
Life stays seeming like I'm drifting
"Stay scheming" niggas wanna slaughter my existence
But I stay shifting in different realities
And ask the higher Gods, Change the channel when balancing me
Like let me know, let me know what, let me know what it is
Let me tell 'em, Let me tell 'em, what's wrong with the kids
Like a Pro Era crew, wait, Joey Bad, who?
Oh the Joey that blew like indigo hue
He's a indigo too, sent to lead the generation
Consciousness, awareness, and world domination
Face it, the government's been out to replace em
But every route's been miss-taken


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