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Mike Posner


Big face hundreds in my pocket by the porch
Got some rings in her nipples, have to tell the bitch to shut up
And you know I got the pay to make a bitch stay
I Could throw 50 thousand , make it back another day
I got money, I got bitches, I got hoes, I go fishing
With my dick like a stick pick that up like a pig
Then I take her to the crib make her wobble, wobble, wobble
Take it to the mouth, make her gobble, gobble, gobble

We ball like basketball, got a white girl freak, no ass at all
My friend ain't got no swag at all, baby fought with me, yeah, you can have it all
Yeah, met on a Thursday, fucked on a Friday
Put up in a 'rari, magic, face it
Beam for the school with a Rari badass, he said Man, it ain't trickin' if you got it
Bottles on us, hoes turn up on sight
We got boss on top of boss, ho' order what you like
Big room full of sluts I don't fought, don't wanna fight
Make a wobble on a dick, ride it like a motorbike

Told that girl hop on top of me while smokin' that broccoli
Say I got so much cash, she thought that she was Monopoly
Say I'm taxing you ass, better not step on my property

I'm the man, no, you know I'm the man, no?
Make that ass wobble like one of your hands broke
Like a pro, she know how to do it
She gonna wobble wobble wobble and she do it to my music

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