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Dom Kennedy


(This should be played at high volume)

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you
Without a dope rhyme to step to
When you on your grind it’s stressful
When it come to mine I’m special

I got a 7-series beamer and my windows bulletproof
So them shells is bouncing back if you should ever try and shoot
Bentley on my arm, a Mercedes on my neck
Maserati on my charm, hopping off a private jet
I got a car with a driver, yellow bone rider
My city on my back but I wasn’t raised in Prada
Got a phone full of numbers that I never seem to call
Catch them bitches at the show and they be throwing me their draws

Flow sick, no sanitise
Murdered rap records, no alibies
Live from the front line, battle cries
Fuck talking about a dream, let’s strategize


Let’s talk about us, let’s talk about him, let’s talk about the losses, let’s talk about the wins (x2)
Let’s talk about everythang (x4)
Let’s talk about us

[Verse 2: Nipsey Hussle]
Big money that’s the motivation
A lot of flights and hotels, no vacation
I told my teacher I was going places
Can’t stamp my passport, cos there’s no more spaces
I gave myself an ultimatum, get rich or get sent to the police station
Every time they came I was so evasive, shit I’m sorry my success don’t fit your equation
Streets love me hoes too cos I flow amazing ,up the ladder to success like I know a mason
Look its mind on my money, yeah, the doe is ageing
Im with a model watching kobe front row at Staples
Damn a nigga fly, the logo on my belt match the shades on my eyes
Something like a legend in the city I reside, cos I gave it to 'em straight no lies


[Verse 3: Nipsey Hussle]

Unless you talk money if you call or I won't pick up my phone
Can’t you tell I’m in my zone, for my city putting on
I’m a rider from the set, I know how to dress
Got the choppers on deck still I’m flyer than the rest
All I drink is champagne, respected by my gang
You know what I mean nigga, you know what I mean
Don’t get this auto-tune twisted
Cos I still merk me a nigga, straight up
And now I’m on my way up
Used to shoot pounds out of town, lay ups
She told me she was from Decatur but I met her in Miami
From a man I had to take her like
Talk to me and I talk back
And if you text me ima call back
She say you think that you’re all that
Yeah I do, I do, I do

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