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Dom Kennedy

"The Pressure"

I know you been searching for the one
But now I’m happy and money is no problem
Look I’m left in the quiet down
Light it up like the 92 riots now
Niggers rapping real tough when they in the cut
Seen them real killers in the streets getting ducked
Mike one take it i don't need a punch
I use to have an arm like Andrew Luck
Niggers buying style like its captain crunch
She wasn’t my girlfriend it just happened once
Me and Young Veggies we be acting up
Them 28 bottles homies that's for us
Bishop Don Juan hit em with the church
When I'm in Harlem niggas got that purp
Fuck with boy stream am on the scene
In alot of places yall ain't never seen
I should be on the cover of the magazines
Player every year yeah that has a ring
She told me to paint her nails for her tangerine
Have her legs shaking like tambourine
Its funny how i end up with the baddest things
No record deals and we have a million stream
Damn all i ask hold me tight
I’m a call you back if you roll with me right
I can see your body in the stroll light
Your man wasn’t waxing it right
I intervene rub out the scratches
Take off my maxes put on some classics
Who need gymnastics no not me mama
If I’m ever spotted with Rihanna I close
On and on and on drive me at the airport in the morning
There is business to attend to
I had to take a shower at the venue
Girls back stage we get into
You can't put up on me bro she been do
The face getting exposed I’m in another mode
OPM OPM we sticking to the code
I could tell niggas wasn’t stars before rap
Cause when i heard all them little bars they did not match
I see yall with all them little chains they gone snatch
When you pass the 10 free way watch your back
You under pressure
Throw it Throw it Throw it
You not listening to now bobby too

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