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Dom Kennedy

"I Like"

[Hook: YG]
I like big money, I rock big ice
Big booty bitches, that’s what I like
Ciroc on the ice, bring it with the lights
‘Cause that’s what I like, I like, I like
Yeah, that’s what I like, I like, I like
That’s what I like, I like, I like
That’s what I like, I like, I like
‘Cause that’s what I like

[Verse 1: YG]
That’s what I like, yeah, that’s what I like
If she look like Beyonce, that’s what I pipe
But never no wife, I do these hoes trife
This my bread, you will never get a slice
Big dick bandit, fuck you wanna hand me?
It’s a no-go if that pussy smell like salmon
I said I wanna fuck, she said “K”
In one day, I blew 100K
We in Miami, staying at the Perry
You always getting milked like you stayed at the dairy
I be having problems, personal problems
I overdosed on Gucci and Dolce Gabbana
Got the clip in the K that’s a big ass comma
You ain’t getting money? I don’t have that problem
That pussy wet like pasta, I don’t eat lobster
I gave her that dick and told her “Hasta mañana”


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Flex it like an athlete, ain’t no neighbors by my home
Get faded like I’m fishing so you bitches know I’m gone
You know I’m getting blown – your girl give me dome
Fucked her to The Weeknd ‘cause she heard me on The Zone
Gucci I got on – Louis I got on
If it ain’t about no money, then please leave me alone
Hundreds I’m throwing, stupid bitch I’m grown
How you gong get these bands if your clothes still on?
Lean and Patrón, good weed and gin
Pass out, wake up and do it again
Bitch I go in, don’t act like you don’t know
You say no to turn-up, Juicy J don’t
Finessing them racks, moving them packs…
Spending them bands, making ‘em back…
Haters gon’ hate, that’s a guarantee
Be about your money, broke niggas ain’t hearing me


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