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"Miami Boys"

[Intro: Pitbull]
Mr. 305
Putting it down with T double D, Dade County mayor

[Hook: Pitbull (Trick Daddy)]
Get down, get low
Get down, get low
(gimme that)
Get down, get low
(gimme that Miami shit)
Get down, get low
(Get down, get low)
(Get down, get low)
(Get down, get low)
(Get down, get low)
Gimme that Miami shit

[Verse 1: Pitbull]
Woke up this morning with my pockets on E
Fuck being broke man, that shit ain't for me
I'm looking for a lick, them boys sitting on them bricks
Making it rain in the club, outside jack boy shit
Making them strip, kicking the dough
Don't let that shit hit the floor
If they shit, that's for sure
Cause if you do them things then don't


[Verse 2: Trick Daddy]
I'm about to make a big withdrawal
Watches, chains, I want it all
Everybody turn to face the wall
I'm squeezing off, hit the bucket y'all
And I don't wanna go fuck with y'all
But there's too much money involved
But as you been stunting, blowing up your money
You must don't want it all
Like fuck that, gimme that, gimme that
You don't deserve shit, cause you's an idiot
A straight up lame to me
Nothing that you claim to be, and I pity that


[Verse 3: Pitbull]
The stripper in the club
That don't put us on the lick
Word of advice to all you ballers
That's how you get got for your shit
We slip in through the front
While she slip out through the back
Got you slipping, now you tripping
Cause this bitch got you jacked
Now them jack boys and that stripper
Going ham on your stash
But as soon as that stripper slip
Another lick, gimme that, bitch
Gimme that Miami shit


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