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"Mira Mira (Remix)"

[Notch (Pitbull in background)]
N-N-N-Notch (Ha ha)
Pitbull (Como! Ya tu sabe)
El Trimix (El Marimar)
Ya tu sabes {*Pitbull screams*}

[Verse 1: Ark {Notch in background}]
I was raised in the slums, that's the barrio
If you heard me on the radio, that's the radio
See, I came to make a change, that means cambio
Now we got ya niggas all sweatin', here's a pano
That's a napkin
Capitan means I'm captain
Que lo que pasa means what's happenin'
If you see me with my fam, that's my ganga
Shorty got a thong on, that means she got a thanga {Thanga}
If she's dark-skineed, then she's Morena {Morena}
If you want a problem, you lookin' for problemas
And talk means hablando
Walk is andando
If you see the cops, scream "Bajando" (Bajando!)
Cause if you are a thief, you a ladron
If you got beef with me, T carry your canon
You see, I'm crazy, a loco vato
Drunk, boracho, that's a rap means tato

Hook: Notch
Mira, mira, mira
Dira, di lo, te lo
Linda, dale fuego
Come on, dale fuego
All my callarellos

Chorus: T-Weaponz (Notch in background)
Mira, mira (Mira)
Look, look (Mira, mira, mira, look)
Tienne miedo, they shook, shook (Dira, dira, di lo, te lo, shook)
Shorties que tenga el huevo (Linda, linda, dale fuego)
If niggas want the flame, tomala el fuego (Come on, dale fuego, all my callerellos)

[Verse 2: Pitbull]
Mira, mira, look, look, tranquilizante
That means calm down, boy, no quitate
Lo que tienne puesto, that means take off what you (Got)
We can take what's yours and make it ours, right on the (Spot)
Ladron, that means thief
Cabron, that be me
Jabon, that means soap
And you don't drop it in jail
Perico, that means coke
But we also call it yayo
(???), that means broke
That's what you are in the sale
Damona, that means cops
Para, that means stop
All that gets it from a tiro (???)
That means shots
Piedra, that means rocks
That's what them noise around my way
Eagles on the block {*Pitbull growls*}
So para la proxima, ven salo bien, that means
Next time you better, uh
Take it true, dawg
Si tu quieres apuesta un cien, that means
Bet a hundred that Pitbull is here to screw ya

Pre-Chorus: T-Weaponz (Notch in background)
Mira, mira (Mira)
Look, look (Mira, mira)
Nigga (Look)
Tienne miedo, they shook, shook (Dira)
Nigga (Dira, te lo)
Shorties que tenga el huevo
If niggas want the flame, tomala el fuego (Dale fuego)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Notch]
When me a kick-kickin', yo estoy atacando
Me drink ah Heinekin, yo estoy tomando
When me a light it up, tomos fumando
Police come around, no estamas parando
Llamame soon, come
Yo vengo pronto
Oh, you'se a fool, boy, that mean yah done for
A politician telling to you what a lies inside your head
We no say him a mentiroso
We rather kick it to the (???), because we everything
You said
Ca-ca-cause you already don know

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 4)
(Notch in background)
Hello means hola
Time is ahora
If you see a girl by herself, that means she sola (Sola)
If you see a gun in my hand, that's a pistola (Pistola)
If I say nobody fuckin' move, then no te muevas (Muevas)
Dinero is money (Money)
Fello is ugly (Ugly)
Me carajo quieren means what the fuck they want from me (They want from me)
Hambre is hungry
Pobo's a dummy
No me veo llegar means nobody saw me coming (Nobody say me comin')

A thug, ditelo
Thinkin', pensando
Look, man, mirame, you dreamin', sonando (Sonando)
Forget, olvidare, pray y resando
Just ask, pidale, 'fore I change el cambio (Cambia)
Single's soltera
Fire's candela (Candela)
Move, te mueva, like a snake, culebra (Culebra)
Hands, manos, high, alto (Manos, alto)
All drink and trago, celebrate, celebrando (Celebrate, celebrando)

That's why mi sing again

Repeat Chorus Twice


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