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"Have Some Fun"

[Produced by DJ Felli Fel]

[Hook: Cee Lo Green]
I wanna have some fun
And I know I’m not the only one
I wanna party till the morning sun
And I know I’m not the only one (DJ Felli Fel)
You couldn’t be more sexy
Than you are already
Oh, baby give me some
If you wanna be forever young
Let me know I’m not the only one (Go wild)

[Verse 1: Pitbull]
Citrics used to write that I wouldn’t make it
Now they write about what I make
Actin’ like the game I couldn’t take it
Now the whole world's for the tape
Eyy, everyday is my Birthday
Everyday I get cake
Now mommy let me see you in your birthday suit
And let's-let's-let’s play
This chico here he got it (Yea)
This chico here he bout it (Yea)
No question dog, don’t doubt it
Now, now get loose, get rowdy
Fuck boys we don’t see ‘em
Y’all players meet, I’mma GM
While I’m taking over these companies
Y’all still playin with per diems
Y’all must of forgot
Chico played on the block
Chico played on the court
Chico handled the rock
Chico played with the pot
Chico handled the rock
Bag ‘em up, then hand ‘em out
Off sore I’m drillin’ it
Over seas I’m killing it
I just came to have some fun
So Cee Lo keep singing it

(Uh Huh)

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Let’s get trippy at my private party
White girl twerk like Miley Cyrus
Let’s see how many model chicks
Can fit inside of my Ferrari
You a bad girl
Show me how you naughty
Your looks could kill don’t hurt nobody
I’m rollin’ up that loud pack
My blunt fatter than a hot tamale
We sippin lean, poppin bottles
I take more shots than the paparazzi
These haters don’t want no problems
I got more goons than John Gotti
Made nigga, paid nigga
It’s going down like a grave digga
Take your girl to my hotel
And beat it up like Mayweather
In VIP a couple hundred deep
That’s Juicy J and his partners (Chilli)
They might have to call the fire department
We ordered all these sparklers
Like a scarecrow I want more brain
Get more neck than a gold chain
These college girls got no shame
We party hard Kurt Cobain


[Bridge: DJ Felli Fel & Pitbull & Cee Lo Green]
Everybody clap your hands, hands hands
Everybody clap your hands, hands hands
(I just came to have some fun)
Everybody clap your hands, hands hands
(I just came to have some fun)
(So Cee Lo keep singing it)


[Outro: Cee Lo]
I wanna have some, fuuun

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