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"There Goes My Baby"

She came from nowhere and she stole my soul
Her love was criminal
I finally found what I was looking for
Now I can't let it go

We break up to make up
You got me spinning like a yo yo yo
But I know that you know
That girl you will always be mine


There goes my baby
Hey hey baby come back to me

I get so high when she go down down low
She work it nice and slow
We going round and round and back and forth
Can't take it anymore

[Pre-Chorus and Chorus]

There goes my baby
My wholesome lady
Hold me down if my whole world went crazy
That' s what she spoke
Just what she said
Now that's a joke
That talk is dead
Know I got to get over the love I had
The door I keep it open just in case she come back
Can't deal with the emotions to teh point I'm sad
And I know my hearts broken but I'we got so attached
Baby come back I won't get no sleep
She more than I want and all that I need
Locked up my heart and threw away the key so
And when my baby come back I'm crossing my T's dotting my I's
And now I can't eat
Out of my mind
And that's how it's gonna be

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