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"Where the Booty At"

[Frank E.]
"Frank E. baby (Baby...)"
"Where the booty at"

Mr. 305 (Yeah)
Omar Cruz (This is for the ladies)

Chorus: Pitbull (Omar Cruz)
I'll be in the club with some bad ones with me (Yeah)
And it's plain to see, I am where they wanna be (Oh, oh)
Anytime they see me, let me tell you what they ask (What they ask, Pit)
They ask "Where them hoes at, and where the booty at" (Let's go)

[Verse 1: Omar Cruz]
Little mama, what it do
Love the way they move it up and down for Pit and Cruz
And you can keep sippin' the booze
I don't know how that booty takin' so much abuse
Weight droppin' on the floor
Man, not from Oakland, but tell me, "What it do"
40 Water told me
You already know
She a superfreak slash nympho
They know
They know
Quarter past four
Almost like a movie, movin' in slow-mo
If she got no booty, it's a no-go
We gon' take this back to the mo
Let's go
Don't stop
Shake it like that
I'm a make it purrier that little putty cat
Grooves with the fur, when I'm caught up with the strap
On the west, where they show y'all
Where the booty at

Repeat Chorus

Break: Omar Cruz
Uh, uh
Yeah, drop it on the floor
Uh, uh
Drop, drop it on the floor
Uh, uh
Yeah, drop it on the floor
Uh, uh, yeah

[Verse 2: Pitbull]
Go 'head, little mama
Back that thang up
Standin' ovation
Clap that thang up
Two chicos, O.C., Pitbull
Straight G code, don't mess with no fools
I'm a dance go-go
And she bounce that
Thang like a six-four low-low, oh
From L.A., straight down to Coco's
Wanna act loco, foe, from the .44
My women
Off the chain
Your's Jermaine Dupri, you know, So So (So So...)
Soon as I touch down on the map
First thing I ask is "Where the booty at"

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Break

[Verse 3: Omar Cruz]
You already know my team
That's why they salute me from here to NYC
ATL messin' with me
Get love in H-Town, Pimp C, R.I.P
And I'm only schoolin' bad mami
You got no booty love, baby, that's too bad mami
Haul in my face, booty spillin' the vodka
The rock pourin' from L.A. to Opa-Locka (Whoo!)
She got it from her mama
She wanna meet the president, the Mexican Obama
Love when you move it like that
You with Pit and O. Cruz, you know where the booty at

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Break

[Frank E.]
"Where the booty at"

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