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"Jam On It"

[Intro: Pitbull]
Fat Joe the Don!
And Mr. Worldwide reporting live from the east
Ross the boss, Mr. Mauricio
I know paper, can buy the newspapers
Millions now, billions later
You gotta let these haters

[Hook: Mr. Mauricio]
Jam on it, jam on it
I tell ‘em, tell ‘em jam on it!
Jam on it, jam on it
J-j-j jam on it!

[Verse 1: Pitbull]
Mr. 305, to Mr. Worldwide
To Mr. Take Something
Make something, that’s right!
For hanging with dark goons and gangsters
To doing business with investors, attorneys and bankers
Same story, different suits
Same chico just under a different roof
Instead of the corner of the block
Is the corner of the office
I’m nauseous from offers!
And when I see women is ménages they offer
And you know that I’m all for!
Especially if they’re both on our fours
And you can keep them, dawg, they’re all yours!
Two seven figure dade county boys
Not even John Lennon could imagine that
Our new paper can buy the newspapers
Millions now, billions later!


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I got a bitch for him
You got a bitch for me
A bitch that live, a bitch KOD!
Made the office some office
Bring them to office!
You’ve been done shit she’s swimming with dolphins!
These niggas getting wet
Cars keep running by
I’m smoking my wax, I keep getting high!
I don’t bark, I steal money, dance
I don’t walk, walk, we run this man!
[Maybach music!]

[Bridge: Mr. Mauricio]
Drop it to the floor, let’s go
And let the momma get low!
Said the…read the poets, I’ve been low
Let’s go! And lil momma to the floor
See that…


[Verse 3: Fat Joe]
I jam on it, I jam on it
Bitches scream like they see Joe Jonas
Yelling mousseline smell the trees all on it
She need new jeans cause she creamed all on it
Hold up! Twerk, twerk, twerk
Hannah Montana I swerve
Versace roll on Versace down
Even put a beat under the Versace house
She no speaking ingles
You might get my girl forward
Brazilian hair and the ass she was born with!
Pay attention, you niggas can’t afford it
But not your ass in just pouring!


[Outro: Pitbull]
Mr. Mauricio
Mr. Worldwide!
2 7-figure dade county boys

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