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Yo yo, aha aha, B.o.B signee, once again, last time. Gotta get the fuck out this booth cause gettin’ high as fuck in this bitch. But anyway I just wanna take a minute, thank my homeboy DJ Smallz. Smallz, I told you we was gon’ make history on this one. This is motherfuckin’, this is the history, this is the beginning of the movement, you gon’ see this shit in your history books by ten years later, you gon’ see B.o.B and DJ Smallz. Southern Smoke, Fear Factor Music, [?]. Appreciate y’all nigga, I fuck with you. Let me jump on the hottest mixtape in the streets. But anyway, it’s about time we get outta here before I do, don’t forget to call your nearest radio station, request my song, Cloud 9, off the new album. Also check it out online at www.myspace.com/bobatl. Y’all niggas [?], I know you got MySpace, you’ll be on that bitch all the time, [?]. But anyway, we gotta stay hot in these streets though, we gotta stay out in these streets, we gotta keep this shit movin’, they don’t believe us right now. And don’t get it twisted, this is the [?] mixtape in the south, period nigga. Smallz, you know I got you nigga. And once again this is B.o.B, signing off. Aha aha

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