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"Everyday All Day"

[Intro: Pitbull (DJ Noodles)]
Noodles (DJ Noodles)
Mr 305, y'all ready know what it is
(It's Fix Your Face)
All these these boys act like they getting bread
Like they got paper, yeah ok!

[Hook: Pitbull]
Them boys getting money everyday, all day!
Them boys getting money everyday, all day!
Them boys getting money everyday, all day!
Them boys getting money everyday, all day!

[Verse 1: Pitbull]
Went from a polk story, to my folk story
I spit my life, yeah that's right
Y'all spit folk stories
When Cuba open up, keep that boat for me
This rap shit don't work out
Keep that coke for me
We made his-story, Barack Obama shit!
First Cuban to light the game up
It's Armando bitch!
No more Pitbull, yeah, I done switch bitch
It's Pit, Mr. 305, where they flip clips
Chopper, A-K-A, now they call it straight stick
Unlike that Pyrex, when it spit it straight stick
You got a straight brick (yeah!)
That's a straight whip (yeah!)
That's straight chip, but me I'm straight bitch!
I don't worry about Tuesday and Thursday no more
Fuck jump out, I'm in Benamy coked out
I open new accounts, these boys still bunked out
Then why we getting money?
Fuckboy, what now?

[Bridge: Pitbull](x2)
Them boys getting money yeah bitch that's for sure
You charge that for a brick at 20, that's my show

[Hook+ Bridge]

[Verse 2: Fella]
Look all this money bitch, you damn right I gets it
They want the whole thing, you damn right I'm with it
Don't let this rappin fool you, this just another digit
When it's birthday, it's right back to the kitchen
Gram here, gram there, grams everywhere
Don't let these niggas fool you
Man they niggas weren't there
These niggas ain't for real, these niggas dead broke
They asking in an honest way
But slash you in the throat
I'm from a city where we grind hard
Box up, and sell it hard
And if you make a wrong move
You might catch a bad charge
You might lose your damn life
You might have to pay the price
But if your whip game right, you might play a benz bike
I run the streets day and night
I know these niggas playin right
Escape the rides through the hood
But rappin 'bout my damn life
Residence is all I taste, the ones with the big face
So pussy be for real, and fix your motherfucking face

[Hook + Bridge]

[Verse 3: Billy Blue]
They say I got a couple dollars
Now I'm acting like my shit don't stank
Fuck you niggas, big bank
Instead of taking little banks
Got me trappin' like they gone see me stunting
If they think they robbing, they gone see me gunning
Yeah nigga, I made it now, but still I'm bout a dollar
They was shitting on me, yeah
Like pussy niggas was hotter
See these bad bitches follow this money they be getting
You've been staring them hoes
But listen buddy, I've been hitting
I've been getting these Hollywood hoes
Like a Hollywood bro
They said where they hit your puh
Where they Hollywood folks
Every now and then, catch me at the trap
Fresh box of baking soda, trying bring that work back
This some nigga getting money
Imma jack them all trade
If you can't get paid, well I guess your bitch me
I'm connect with them Cubans
I'm the Haitian distribution
And for my dog Noodles, notice those shooting

[Bridge (x2) + Hook + Bridge]

[Outro: DJ Noodles]
It's Fix Your Face!

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