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"You're Ma Cherie"

[Intro: Pitbull]
I used to hang around in boys
That took over towns and made the block blow up
Now I hang around with boys
Who take over companies and make the stock blow up
Haters, Plenty
Women, Plenty
But the world is ma cherie

We are gonna dance into the sea
All i want is you you're ma cherie
Never seen a girl that so Jolie
All i want is you, you're ma Cherie
Ma Cherie ooh

[Verse 1: Pitbull]
First dealing drugs was the plan
Now I'm a marquee brand
Doing business with marquee brands
No more Section 8
Now it's private yachts, beaches, sands
World tours with press and prestigious fans
Just to meet and greet me, damn
Long way from the Miami I was raised in
Long way from that foster home
Long way from that Georgia basement
Long way from all the schools that I was placed in, ha
As long as you work hard and believe
That everything happens for a reason
That's why the world is my chérie, believe it


[Verse 2: DJ Antoine]
We don't need to run or hide
I'll be there to hold you tight
You and me we are on fire
Ma Cherie you're my desire


[Outro: DJ Antoine]
I will take you higher
I will take you higher
I will take you higher
You're ma love, You're ma Cherie

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