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"Phuckin' Awesome"

[Verse 1:]
That’s my weird friend Frank right there
My black friend Eddie yea he lives upstairs
His girlfriend Gurt she’s twerking on the chair
Friends are a virtue I got em all here
Got a gay friend who lives in Rusida
Last name Jenkins first name Peta
Think that’s ironic no me neither
But his t-shirt says I love divas
Friend [?}] smoke alot of chiba
Politically correct yea cronic [?]
Then there’s Evalisa believes she a diva
These are my friends and I’ll never ever leave em
I need em

[Chorus 1:]
Dude you’re me bro ohh, no matter where you go
I’m right here if you need me, if you need me
If you need me, oh i’m right here

[Chorus 2:]
He’s cool and she’s cool
Cool with everybody in the party
Cause we’re phuckin awesome
We’re phuckin awesome
Oh we’re phuckin awesome
Yea, yea, yea, yea
We’re phuckin awesome (repeat x2)
Fucking awesome, awesome [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Young cats wanna act low pro
Hit em with new shots a patron
[?] wanna bang your moms
She’s a milf but you’re still my bro
It’s no problem if she follows
[?] cocaine leave us home alone
Dude how rad I could be your step dad
Slumber parties every night
That’s so kick ass

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Dude you are the coolest
You’re the coolest
Dude you’re so cool that I wouldn’t even fuck your sister
I want to but I wouldn’t
Just give, just give me a hug dude
I phuckin love you dude
Nick Cannon rules, we’re the phuckin awesome

[Chorus 2]

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