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"My Generation"

Every block got crips, even schools got bloods
Everywhere got essays, essays
With the wrong colors hear, you shot like a dear
​This things getting messy, messy
Hes in a gang, shes in a gang
Pop up, show off your bang bang, bang
But I cry, cry, cry, for my generation
Only god knows!

[Bridge: Wyclef Jean]
Here they come, y'all (x7)

[Verse 1: Wyclef Jean]
Left from Morgan, Bushwick, Flatbush
Reason they call it Flatbush
Police come, get flat
​push the bush in the bush
​for nigga back and brains to get gushed
Thats the life in Brooklyn New York
Then I moved to Jersey where they still cause more spur
One chaca, two chaca, three chaca, four chaca
But your life worth more than that Ford Explorer
​Critics say this the secret to my longevity
I got many styles, many styles
For example this is the one and this is
​na, na, na, na, na me
Still got the swag and me me me mo me
Many wanna beat me
​but they can't copy copy copy copy(copy copy)
But they can only be one fugees
What we have will have my lighter on
My watch will blind the sun
And the Herb we smoke are from Solomon
But I cry, cry, cry for my generation!


​[Verse 2: Pitbull]
I'm from Generation X, where we've dealt it all
From coke to the crack, crack to the x
Hero to the weed, weed to the meth
They talk like choppers, but they jam like techs
​Pits definitely one of the generation's best
​I'm watching everything round here go downhill
Cause everybody wanna be 2Pac
Every other two blocks, they've sold you rocks
Don't let these fool on TV fools you
Come here little man, let me school you!
Yeah, you see em with the money and the rims
The diamonds, the shining
But half of these boys, they're lying

[Verse 3: Jim Jones]
Will I try, for my generation
And all the time, from my innovation
We ain't no one, got the hemy wasted
Were getting high, got the [?] getting wasted
I know, that the feds hate him
He made a couple million dollars over statements
So now, got the feds chase him
Hit him out of town
What the fuck are ya thinking
Hes black and hes famous
He can't forget the rich out the anus
He's a dead set [?] alcohol
And y'all so known there's a problem


[Verse 4: Bounty Killer]
Another bloodclaat, Wyclef
I said quit [?]
I'm shorting on a few blocks
Flatbush [?]


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