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"Going Off"

Man my shit be going off!

Man my shit be going off!
Super early in the morning, I never felt so motherfucking important
Man my shit be going off!
Everybody wanna see me, they call me, and they text me, then they tweet me
Man my shit be going off!
What it do? Where you at? I’m coming through
Man my shit be going off!
I tell them not to bother me, don’t bother me, instead they calling me and calling me
Man my shit be going off!

[Verse : T-Pain]
7:45 on a weekday
I can rent a G5 with a week's pay
I be dizzy, I be stressing
Leave a message with my butlers: Benjamin or Felípe
If I ain’t got your number locked in
You can be expecting a text that say "WHO DIS?"
And we’re about to make this party rock shit
Put your name and your e-mail in this bitch and let's DO THIS!
Man my shit be going off a lil' bit
Texting me 911, I ain’t no officer bitch!
Saw a picture in my contact she offer the dick
If I don’t feel like talking she get a cough like I’m sick (cough)
"You sleep boy?
You tired? You need something to eat, boy?"
You know how much this data plan cost!?
I guess it cost to be the boss


[Verse : T-Pain]
Man I lost my phone a couple days ago
No contacts I lost like 80 hoes
Way to go
But I'm just waiting on the right call by nightfall I'ma get me some fellatio
Fuck the ratio, I got my cellphone
Ain't no hoes in here, I take my ass home
I be waiting on it
I keep them Androids hating on me. Team Apple!
They say the blacker the berry
BBMing bitches tell them start packing for Paris
We gon' be there for a while, how many bags can you carry?
Or just throw 'em in the back of the Chevy
Don't even try to call me unknown
That's how you get hung up on
That number better come across
Especially if you trying to call a boss


[Verse : Big K.R.I.T.]
Off the chain, off the Richter, off the scale
Off the meter when a diva dyin' to meet me, hit my cell
On the regular my cellular be jumping like a trap house
Even since I bought a crib and brung the 'Lac out
They act out but now I'm falling through to blow their back out
Text me, don't address me when I got this cash out
Call it how you want it but not collect
I don't stress over pity texts, I'm about this check
In the meantime I'ma scream down, chopper blaze
Leave your number at the beep cause I'm probably getting paid
Pistol on this plate, you can be about it, I never read about it
Most of these haters do me favors when they tweet about it
Hating on the blog cause they broads love my music
Asking for a follow just to DM that they choosing
Then I hit 'em with the digits just to keep 'em flip and moving
My cellphone 808 booming


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