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"I Got A Bottle"

I got a bottle, I got a cup
I got ice, so what's up
Walk in the club wearing superstar clothes
Feeling like money cause I collect dough
Moe, miney, meenie, inny
Where's that Patrone and Henny
Ass eater

[Verse 1]
I been sipping on cabonney that shits so strong
Like Paris Hilton, gotta carry me home
So full, so far gone
Forgot where I parked, and lost my iPhone
Still looking good and pretty, bad bitch in every city
Rocks, diamonds, I got plenty
Ice for the cup, now pour the Henny
Escorted in the club, I brought the whole team
Ain't no guest, but it's a rockstar thing
Everybody looking of course it's the queen
They admiring the crown, and the ten carat ring
I'm known for pimping these rappers
I should get an Oscar award for my acting
When they actually think that I'm feeling em
That's when I take they money, and I'm killing em


[Verse 2]
Watch me get ghost in the phantom
Something like a pimp like David Banner
I crooked letter, crooked letter, I crooked letta
Crooked letta I humpback humpback
I, am so off the chain
Buying bottles ain't a thing
Plus I'm gonna make it rain
So much money think she's insane
You a seven digit nigga if you holla at a broad
With a seven digit figga you should come in by the bar
I'm talking buying bottles, Cavalli Vodka
I'm wet and hot like lava
I'm switching four lanes in the Range
Hanging out the roof talking money ain't a thing
Coming all out my shirt on champaign
Damn lil Miss Trina off the chain


[Verse 3: Missy Elliott]
I splurge, I spend
Grab a pearl grand ten
I'm so stinky, stinky rich
My damn dogg drive a Benz
Powder blue, diamond shoes
Shining suits, Liberace boo
Stunting on you, like boo who you
I'm an icon ya bitch I though you knew
I only drop bombs, haters be like uh-uh
Girl who she think she is, I'm is what you want is
Girl I don't want your man but I'll take your man
Yo man and his friend they both my fans
You don't understand Misdemeanor ain't playing
When we go out to eat I got your man paying

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