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"Red Light"

[Intro: Game]
(For a taste of your love, for a taste of your love
Just a little taste of your love and your life)
I just want to be known as one of the greatest
Yeah, Yeah

[Verse 1: Game]
See my mother was a hustler, my father was a gambler and that made me a scrambler
My grandmother named me game I'm not a amateur
Creep up on my phantom and, I might blam at ya
Hood niggas put your hammers up
A million thugs march picture that with a camera
Damn picture me Floyd Mayweather stamina
Riding with a stallion
Something cute with an Atlanta butt
I could go hammer but I'm not broke
Picture me getting a million dollars for every line I wrote
I'm dope, When J gon' do a song with me
I ain't dope I mean what the fuck is wrong with me?
You act like my polo boxers is a thong you see
I beat on these rappers, hip-hop is Donkey Kong to me
And while we're talking about video games
I prestiged on Call of Duty press L2 and aim

[Hook: Game]
When we see you stop at the red light and you got your guns on you, what you gon' do?
Game recognize game I will cock and aim and ckk ckk, my niggas will ckk ckk
When you see me making it rain inside the club and you mad nigga what you gon do?
Game recognize game I will cock and aim and ckk ckk, my niggas will ckk ckk

[Verse 2: Game]
I'm not a game you niggas is so lame
My 40 is so aim i will ckk ckk ckk
And if your kids in the car I don't mind waiting
I got 2 sons, I'm not a daddy spending time hater
Got your license plates so you ain't hard to find later
And I got a movie premiere to do so so it'll be some time later
I know the shit coming out of my mouth make the crime grater
But when your the game sometimes you've gotta remind haters
Got niggas that'll find haters
Take you to the LA zoo and feed your punk ass to nine 'gators
I'm an animal, cannibal, can I bust?
Here come LL, don't do it Game trust
This the nigga that rip Mobb Deep
He put the O in O.G
J&J but to win that you got to show me
Matter fact, young Hov gotta show B that you the greatest of all time
Nigga that's you and Ghost beef

[Hook: Game]

[Verse 3]
I got a couple rap homies and a lot of rap enemies
But ain't none of you rap motherfuckers no kin to me
Barrel to your throat if you trait on I
Ever disrespect Snoop or, hate on Nas
I'm like the ink then the ink pen
The Juice when you think Gin
I spit bars but nigga, I never think pen'
I only think pen when, when my ass clinked in
And If I'm ever clinked in again let me sink in
I'm so Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio Da Vinci just painted the Mona Lisa
My paint brush empty like the mouths in the ghetto
I can see it, my new house just miles from the ghetto
Young black entrepreneur like Cosby and his Jello
Everyone watching Kobe what about L.O.?
Nigga average 14.2 points a game, 10.6 rebounds
3.5 assists, while still on the block
You silly NBA motherfuckers won't even take notice
Man that's fucked up nigga
If that ain't an all-star then what the fuck is?

[Hook: Game]

[Outro: Game]
Keep thinking I'm a motherfucking game nigga
I play solitaire with this hip-hop shit
Play by my motherfucking self
Keep trying to play me like I'm a chessboard
Imma take your fucking queen nigga
And you know what you can do?
King me

(It's so incredible, uhh)

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