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"Going Diamond"

Nelly Frutado Promiscuous Girl Part:

But naw I ain't gone Hollywood
I'm still in the hood and I blow a lot of good
Yo And when I'm out I don't wanna have my buds
My buddy in stood and da best best buds
Gotta get a kush just to roll it up
So If you in the need baby come on take a puff
Come and stay with us if you wanna make a fuss
In the middle of the night tell ya boyfriend hush (DAMN)
But oh don't take it personal
You so bad when you move and earth my soul
And this nigga wanna hop on this purp cologne
Hold this girl on this thing it'll hurt ya bowl
Oh yes yes I'm a beast and now I hunt ya sleep but really honestly
I'm like a mup at lunch ya see (HEY)
In my brain in the game like I'm munching people

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