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Q Da Fool

"30 Barz"

[Verse: Q Da Fool]

[?] [ Huh? , Huh?, Talk Boyz Gang gang, Gang , Nigga get down ] I ain't no killer but don't push me[Huh]. All black 45 I'm working not no rookie[rookie]. I'm shooting at oops I'm running from cops my niggas be selling them cookies[cookies], Watch out for officer Jones I swear they got shawty always trynna book me[book me],I'm drinkin on Remy no Fetty Wap[Fetty Wap], Pakk Boyz the Gang we got plenty guap[plenty guap], band up the Gang they got plenty Glocks[plenty Glocks], My Shoota real sneaky just like a fox, When I was locked up on my birthday Nigga guess what they gave me? Some fuckin Socks[Fuckin Socks], Now Q da fool got the Molly rocks, Your bitch suck my dick like a Lollipop, We moving them blocks, Shout out to opp[opp], I'm not a rapper this trap op,Q da fool bitch I'm a trap star, Doing these drugs like a Rockstar, Play with the Gang imma Pop Ya, I wasn't feeling his energy[No], I thought that boy was a enemy, All my guns Legging like centipedes, My b Real dirty like Tennessee, Wearing this Gold they calling me Master P, Chain Gang not talking Bout Master T, If it's a murder it's Gon be a Mystery, He play with the Gang and that Lil boy is history, I walked and Click Clack DAMN IT JAMED ON ME [DAMN], I'm Coutin this bread with my brothers[My Brothers], Fucking these bitches Mothers and fuckin they cousins, Bullets real hot like a Oven[Damn], Spend money like it's nothin, That's why they keep Muggin[Pow Pow Pow!], Feds on my ass cause I'm Thuggin [I'M THUGGIN], Got no Budget, Lil Nigga I spend it I get it [I GET IT], My life in the kitchen, [?], Leave a fuck Nigga face lookin like [?], He talkin All Gangster real life he so timid, These niggas never went to court for a sentence [Damn], Let's get it, Gang Gang Gang, These niggas so timid, These niggas never went to court sentence [Gang], My niggas they get it, Real Life we up in the Kitchen [Real Life we up in the kitchen], Damn. Huh. Huh huh huh

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