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"Bad Move"

Verse 1 (Briggs)
Ethnicity's irrelevant
Black and white they all banging it
Steel capped boots to the brains that im hammering
Face turned from the back hand
Congratulations you just met the milkman
He was all that, more than you thought
Got a following like brothablack up in the store, (Security!)
Lacks quality, you've heard it all before?
With a bad move like a white dude on the dance floor?
And that's funny - fucking with Briggs is like fucking with shep:
Another bad move sonny
Sayin shit I know I'll get in trouble for:
"Fuck Rolf Harris and his dumb cunt wobble board!"
Feed the liquor to the bigger figure
Don't leave me to be the babysitter
Cause your kid might learn some bad words and bad terms;
Ah fuck it they growing up quick ha?

Chourus (Briggs)
Fucking around with me - that's a bad move
Bad mouth the team - that's a bad move
Disrespecting me, and then you're going to sleep
You'd better believe that's a bad move

Verse 2 (Briggs)
Briggs disk is the shit, your shit gets skipped cause
Your diss don't sound like this
And if it did - nobody would hear
Cause you're doing what I've done - done did it last year,
No doubt, I'm the best cunt going
Sociopath - I killed this without knowing
Outgrowing, too big for the boots (?)
Smash it up wrap it up, too bad for the booth
And these cats, they far from par
Like me on a Friday staggering bar to bar;
You half as hard, you half retard
Say your Bs like umm and arrr
Fucking spit it out, cough it up son, get it out
Or just sit back and get with it (?) now
Talk about how you gonna bring the Brigga down;
Huh yeah well (bring em out, bring em out)

Chourus (Briggs)

Verse 3 (Briggs)
Twice the size, ten times as nice(?)
One mic, one night, one type of guy
Six times the cunt, nine times as fly
Eight times the drunk; gin laced with lime
And I'm better: today, tomorrow, forever
Dont act like you can stand next to the second letter
Be about your wits cause you're about to lose :
Your chick's about to wish that Briggs had never met her
If I were you I would hate me too
Check the stats son - I'm supposed to lose
So I roll with a chosen few
Make sure that you can trust those who are close to you
Now turn it up, it's a Homemade Bomb movement
Let em know who it is when you do this
Stamp yor name on it, plant your frame on it
And make 'em feel the wrath when you move it

Chourus (Briggs)

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