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Rabindranath Tagore Lyrics

Last Writings

Other Songs

A Moment's Indulgence
Amar Sonar Bangla
Amidst the Rush and Roar
At The Last Watch
Baby's Way
Baby's World
Beggarly Heart
Brahmā, Vişņu, Śiva
Brink Of Eternity
Broken Song
Closed Path
Clouds and Waves
Colored Toys
Face To Face
Free Love
Give Me Strength
Hard Times
I Am Restless
I Asked
I Cast My Net Into The Sea
I Found A Few Old Letters
In The Dusky Path Of A Dream
Innermost One
Journey Home
Keep Me Fully Glad
Leave Off Your Works
Lest I Should Know
Lover's Gifts LII: Tired of Waiting
Lover's Gifts LIV: In the Beginning of Time
Lover's Gifts LVI: The Evening Was Lonely
Lover's Gifts LVIII: Things Throng and Laugh
Lover's Gifts LXX: Take Back Your Coins
Lover's Gifts V: I Would Ask For Still More
Lover's Gifts VIII: There Is Room for You
Lover's Gifts XIII: Last Night in the Garden
Lover's Gifts XIX: It Is Written in the Book
Lover's Gifts XL: A Message Came
Lover's Gifts XLII: Are You a Mere Picture
Lover's Gifts XLIII: Dying, You Have Left Behind
Lover's Gifts XLIV: Where Is Heaven
Lover's Gifts XLVII: The Road Is
Lover's Gifts XLVIII: I Travelled the Old Road
Lover's Gifts XVI: She Dwelt Here by the Pool
Lover's Gifts XVIII: Your Days
Lover's Gifts XXII: I Shall Gladly Suffer
Lover's Gifts XXVIII: I Dreamt
Lover's Gifts XXXIX: There Is a Looker-On
Maran-Milan (Death-Wedding)
My Friend
My Golden Bengal
My Song
My Soul is Alight
Old And New
On the Nature of Love
Paper Boats
Poems On Beauty
Poems On Life
Poems On Love
Poems On Man
Roaming Cloud
Sail Away
Signet of Eternity
Silent Steps
Sing the Song of the Moment
Sit Smiling
Song Unsung
Still Heart
Stray Birds 1 - 10
Stray Birds 11- 20
Stray Birds 21- 30
Stray Birds 31 - 40
Stray Birds 81 - 90
Stray Birds 91 - 99
Stream Of Life
Strong Mercy
Tell Me
The Astronomer
The Banyan Tree
The Beginning
The Boat
The Chanpa Flower
The Child-Angel
The End
The First Jasmines
The Flower-School
The Further Bank
The Gardener IV: Ah Me
The Gardener IX: When I Go Alone at Night
The Gardener LI: Then Finish the Last Song
The Gardener LIX: O Woman
The Gardener LV: It Was Mid-Day
The Gardener LVII: I Plucked Your Flower
The Gardener LXI: Peace, My Heart
The Gardener LXIV: I Spent My Day
The Gardener LXIX: I Hunt for the Golden Stag
The Gardener LXVIII: None Lives For Ever, Brother
The Gardener LXXIX: I Often Wonder
The Gardener LXXV: At Midnight
The Gardener LXXVI: The Fair Was On
The Gardener LXXXI: Why Do You Whisper So Faintly
The Gardener LXXXIII: She Dwelt on the Hillside
The Gardener LXXXIV: Over the Green
The Gardener X: Let Your Work Be, Bride
The Gardener XI: Come As You Are
The Gardener XIII: I Asked Nothing
The Gardener XIV: I Was Walking by the Road
The Gardener XIX: You Walked
The Gardener XL: An Unbelieving Smile
The Gardener XLII: O Mad, Superbly Drunk
The Gardener XLIII: No, My Friends
The Gardener XLIV: Reverend Sir, Forgive
The Gardener XLV: To the Guests
The Gardener XLVI: You Left Me
The Gardener XLVIII: Free Me
The Gardener XVI: Hands Cling to Eyes
The Gardener XVIII: When Two Sisters
The Gardener XX: Day After Day He Comes
The Gardener XXI: Why Did He Choose
The Gardener XXII: When She Passed by Me
The Gardener XXIV: Do Not Keep to Yourself
The Gardener XXIX: Speak To Me My Love
The Gardener XXVI: What Comes From Your Willing Hands
The Gardener XXVII: Trust Love
The Gardener XXVIII: Your Questioning Eyes
The Gardener XXXIV: Do Not Go, My Love
The Gardener XXXVIII: My Love, Once upon a Time
The Gift
The Golden Boat
The Hero
The Home
The Journey
The Judge
The Kiss
The Land of the Exile
The Last Bargain
The Little Big Man
The Lotus
The Merchant
The morning song of India
The Rainy Day
The Recall
The Sailor
The Source
The Sun of the First Day
The Tame Bird Was In A Cage
The Temple of Gold
The Unheeded Pageant
The Wicked Postman
Twelve O'Clock
Unending Love
Ungrateful Sorrow
Untimely Leave
We Are To Play The Game Of Death
We Both Live
When and Why
When Day Is Done
When I Go Alone At Night
When The Two Sisters Go To Fetch Water
Where Shadow Chases Light
Where the mind is without fear
With a Glance
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