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"Who That Hatin'"

[Verse 1: Point Blank]
Kaboom! Look who stepped in the room
You know I'm bloody than a gunshot wound
You don't like the animals then get the fuck out the zoo
What goddamn girl, yeah I see the tattoo
Just do what you do, and I'ma do me
Fuck the dumb shit, I got the whole world to see
I'm trying to fly the friendly skies, sail the seas
Lay my eyes on something that I seldom see
Jump in the game head first blazed these streets
Whatever I got to do to plant my feet
Cause Point Blank the Bull is hard as hell
Battle anybody I don't care you tell
Boy I got the big weight, put it on the scale
I'm giving it away, share it with your gal
You know how the story go I come from the bottom
Snatch the game up by the neck, now I got em
Who shot em, I saw it, but I can't tell it
Drop the hot shit act like they can't smell it
I ain't buying what your selling
What the fuck i'm supposed to do?
Believe everything a mother fucker tell me
These streets getting scary and scary
No matter what happen
I'm a always be reggie, I'm a always be cocked and ready
Always in the game, heavy heavy heavy, shit

[Chorus: Z-Ro] (x4)
Who that hatin' on the Southside
Nobody now

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
Who is it? Opportunity knocking at your door
Strong arming the industry, opposition get Figure-4'ed
I don't give a fuck about nary one of these niggas
I'll catch a case behind every one of these niggas
I'm a gangsta, but a nigga don't be flagging
Undercover plugging motherfuckers Z-Ro be bodybagging
No nigga no bitch get love from Ro
Nothing available but mean mugs and slugs from Ro
Fuck your life, and everything that comes with it
Mo City Don murder your existence
Wife daughter and son with it
And if i don't get acquitted
Who the grim reaper gon' visit
Trae gon' take an axe to your family tree and split it
Screaming timber
Shit will happen January through December
We them niggas
Niggas be watching they mouth around remember
My motherfucking name Z-Ro the crooked is pain
Fuck with me and you might never breathe again
I'm the mercenary messiah my ministries mingle in the mind
Till them niggas try to finish me but barely blow my high
Monday through Sunday you only get one Ro
I refuse to switcheroo just to accomodate a hoe
I was sprung on that pearl tongue once in my life
But now ain't nothing important to me but purple and a sprite
And I'ma always be the crooked
Z-Ro the Mo City Don
Until i die with blood money in my palm

[Chorus: Z-Ro] (x4)
Who that hatin' on the Southside
Nobody now

[Verse 3: Big HAWK]
Its B-I-G Hawk of the S-U-C
Screw bet me, been screwed up since '93
I'm armed and ready, also I'm armed and deadly
10 years in this shit so I'm heavy, heavy
64 Chevy, drop my bitch on its belly
Southside lunatic but I don't run with Nelly
Ace of spades, that means I'm not afraid
Not easy to persuade when i pull my blade
I'll untie your braids and turn them into waves
Handmade hand grenades when I do that man
This ain't no masturbate when I cock and aim
Point blank range, bullet holes in ya brain
Knee deep in this game, and that's a fact
I'm grinding for Pat, so there ain't no turning back
Fat dro sacks artillerys 9's and racks
And for that stack, I won't cut a nigga no slack

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