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UNKLE Lyrics

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats? (2002)

Other Songs

A Wash of Black
Against The Grain
Against the grain - redux
Awake The Unkind
Back And Forth
Bang Bang (UNKLEsounds Edit)
Be There
Blade in the Back (feat. Gavin Clark)
Burn My Shadow (Radio Slave Remix)
Burn My Shadow (Surrender Sounds Sessions #5)
Burn My Shadow Away
Buying A Lie
Caged Bird
Can't hurt
Can't Hurt (Redux)
Can't Stop
Celestial Annihilation
Clouds - Redux
Cocaine and Camcorders (UNKLE variation)
Country Tune
Cut Me Loose (feat. Gavin Clark)
Drums of death
End titles
Ever Rest
Eye For An Eye
Eye for an Eye Backwards (Josh Homme & Alain Johannes Remix)
Falling Stars
Follow Me Down
Forever (featuring Ian Astbury)
Getting Ahead In The Lucrative Field Of Artist Management
Getting Ahead In The Lucrative Field Of...
God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
Guns Blazing
Guns Blazing (Drums of Death, Part 1)
Have You Passed Through This Night?
Heaven - redux
Heavy Drug
Heavy Drug (Surrender Sounds Mix)
Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)
Hold My Hand
Hold My Hand (Buckley remix)
I Need Something Stronger
In A State
In a State/God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
In My Mind
Intro / Eye For An Eye (Strings Section)
Joy Factory
Keys To The Kingdom
Lonely Soul
Lonely Soul (7" version)
Lonely soul - in tune and on time
Main Title Theme
Money And Run
Morning Rage
Natural Selection
Natural Selection (Instrumental)
Nocturnal (feat. Chris Goss)
Not A Sound
Nowhere To Run
Nursery Rhyme
Nursery Rhyme (Unklesounds Edit)
Nursery Rhyme / Breather
On a Wire
Only The Lonely
Open Up Your Eyes
Opened Dreams
Outro (Mandatory)
Outro (Scarface Restaurant Scene)
Panic Attack
Paranoid (UNKLE variation)
Persons And Machinery
Price You Pay
Rabbit in Your Headlights
Reign (Anagram remix)
Reign (False Prophet mix)
Reign (Radio Edit)
Reign (RJD2 vocal mix)
Reign (Three AM’s Black Swan vocal mix)
Reign (Unkle Reconstruction)
Reign (Way Out West mix)
Restless (Fake Blood Remix)
Restless (feat. Josh Homme) - 16 Bit Lolitas remix
Safe In Mind (Please Get This Gun From Out My Face)
Safe In Mind (Please Get This Gun Out From My Face)
Safe In Mind (Please Take This Gun From Out My Face) (Chris Goss Remix)
Safe In Mind (Please Take This Gun from Out of My Face) [Chris Goss Remix]
Synthetic water
The Answer
The Answer feat. Big in Japan (Baltimore) - Trentemøller Remix
The dog is black (feat. leila moss)
The Healing
The Knock (Drums of Death, Part 2)
The piano echoes
The Runaway
The Runaway: Lupe's Revenge
Tiny Dancer (UNKLEsounds edit)
Turnstile Blues (Surrender Sounds Sessions #4)
Unkle Main Title Theme
Vitamin C (U.N.K.L.E. mix)
Voodoo Beats Your Heart
What Are You To Me
When The Lights Go Out / We Own The Night
When Things Explode
With You In My Head
With You In My Head (feat. Black Angels)
With You in My Head (feat. The Black Angels)
Without You I'm Nothing (UNKLE Remix)
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