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AK The Savior


[Verse 1: Erick Arc Elliott]
Pledging your allegiances, sparing me your grievances
Hip-hop saved my life, so I put Biggie right where Jesus is
Part of my scheme of things, free my wings, shine with Stephen's Kings
Shock your chakras with this constant gossip, talking awkward awesome
That this automatic weapon, the buyers I collided with
Don't promote the violence, I am of a higher consciousness
Vivid like that definition, high to def
Dirty like them project steps, make my body rest, take a breath
Never refuse 'til my time on that cause I refill the chronic 'til my eyes roll back
I was sixteen when I met shrooms, now I’m missing Miss Thing
What's her name again?
Funny niggas playing games to win, I'd rather elevate and raise the brim
I put that on Christ, my soul, my life, if you wanna catch a riot, better hold on tight
This ain't normally my style
Always been down to the weapon, my niggas straight flexing, bruh
NYPD, them fist-a-cuffs, a lot of jackets worn, don't make you buff
I back on you, the actors do, I roll it credit, so don't forget it
Motherfucker, this is Erick, not a gimmick, bitch

[Hook x2: Meechy Darko]
But you know what they say, the beast lives in the East
Bubbling deep in the belly of the city that never sleeps
It's the city where the skinny niggas ride if it's beef
Life of a homicide and collide with police

[Verse 2: Meechy Darko]
Got my optics on the money, I will not close my eyelids
Acid reaction fashion, psilocybin my stylist
I done seen shit you silly niggas can't fathom
Golden cap mushrooms, now I'm only seeing atoms
It's insanity over sanity, one love over vanity
Zombie gang walking casualty, bitch nigga, I already died for my faculty
Got infinite bullets for you fucking mere mortals
I'm dumping shots at the sky asking God to open his portal
Ha ha ha ha ha, check out this bizarre flow that I be dishing off
I am so in tune with myself, I can shave my fucking balls
With a razor blade in the dark and not leave a fucking mark
See, I can spit that fly shit, that auto-pilot high shit
That peace, one love, U-N-I-T-Y shit
That P-I-M-P group of bitches on my side shit
Sour diesel weed, THC make my eyes drip
F NYPD, they on my dick, LSD, now a nigga on his Christ shit
She mesmerized, you know, from that flashing light shit, she likes it

[Hook: Meechy Darko]

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