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AK The Savior

"Red Light, Green Light"

[Prod. by Erick the Architect]

[Intro: Espa]
I lift my hands up high for another night
Cause I've lost my wings and I wanna fly
I even wash my face in the river Nile
I'mma pray all day 'til I get it right

[Hook 1 (x2): Erick Arc Elliot]
Before I leave the crib I know I say my prayers
Pray to God I'm happy every single day I swear
More money, I'm more prepared, more niggas that's unaware
Most niggas don't even listen, they only see what they hear

[Verse 1: Erick Arc Elliot]
My mind ain't certain
That I put enough work in
These beats, these streets, no purpose
Repeat, rebuild, resurface
No longer in disturbance
Get a shooter if you're nervous
Stressed out, made a nigga feel worthless
Can't nobody fuck up on purpose
I remember when I had no government
My name was so crazy, had lines like cocaine
And those the good days, I got them good grades
Had profit to get paid, I made some mistakes
That's something we all gon' say
Had to ignore a bitch call today
But a little bit of head made it all okay
If you niggas want a war, then my boys gon' play

[Hook 2 (x2): Meechy Darko]
Before I leave the crib you better say your prayers
Niggas trigger happy every single day, I swear
More murder, I'm more aware, more bullets, I'm more prepared
Most niggas don't even listen that's until they hear the bang

[Verse 2: Meechy Darko]
My mind's uncertain, do I put enough work in?
Redrum, redrum, bloody murder
Headshot, close range, close curtains
No encore, that's for certain
Clack clack, bravo, I murked 'em
Hoes, clothes, more drugs, more murder
More guns, more drugs, more murder, more murder
In the ghetto where the rats eat roaches
Gats tucked in our drawers, we don't need holsters
You gon' learn today, you gon' get involved
With scamming, drug dealing, prostitution and all
In the ghetto praise to God alike a long distance call
I done rang Jesus for years, fuck it, no response
What, I'm supposed to sit and starve?
Ha! Gat in my palm and taking yours be my job
I don't want to shoot and steal
I don't want to kill and rob
I just want to provide
For my mama, my papa, my kids and I
I just want to provide
For my bitch, and my homies that's from my side
But I came straight from homicide

[Hook 1: Erick Arc Alliot]

[Hook 2: Meechy Darko]

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