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AK The Savior

"New New York"

Beast Coast..

[Verse 1: Issa Dash]
Grew up on Flatbush so you know I had to manage
Where the Jakes run around, shielded by their fucking badges
And the lyricist spit, don't get signed but still savage
So I'm making big moves like I'm fucking with the Magics
Beast Coast nigga, bringing havoc to your front lawn
Teams drawn, lyrics is fucking cold, better keep warm
Atom bomb, tick-tock boom, blow up on any song
Heavy bongs, guided by the god, get that medical
Eh, you ain't even in mi clasa
Peep the roster, we'll eat niggas like fuckin' pastas
Brooklyn masters, we the New New York disasters
Causin' havoc, that's your team watch 'em get damaged
Eh, you niggas is fucking hopeless
And bitch nigga, me and my gods is fucking focused
Makin' magic hocus-pocus when I wrote this
Niggas floating better catch up if you loafing

[Hook: Issa Dash]
The New New York, you know niggas is grimy
Whack fools, wack niggas get from around me
Limitless third eye open nigga don't try me
Music ain't been this good since like the 90's
A New York thing, a New York thing
It's over for you niggas let the fat lady sang
A New York thing, it's a New York thing
Bang bang mothafucka you niggas stay in your lane

[Verse 2: AK]
Holy Sinatras, Gods be on our rastas
Imposters, translucent their third eye
They Oscar, Trash, pop a tab of that LS
I’m fearless, ask Charles Darwin if evolution’s here yet
And hear yes, the evidence within the flows I eject
Check, these mothafuckas they ain’t GS yet
They lead poisonous, I’m on they shorties back pouring that ointment
Strokin' and pokin' and let it sink in the waters
I balance Chakras while standing on top of mountains
Fuck a challenge nigga, puffin' on my Herb Shuttle 'til I leave the planet nigga
Stoned gold soul, iller flow, Indigo
On the rise, Sun Child, Nimbus riding cause the loud
So my town gon' wake up, long as the throne is home
To the Beast Coast with us, ain’t with us then lose your dome nigga
Suicide is a suicide, go against the living gods and get crucified, nigga


[Outro: AK]
I rep that Beast Coast...

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