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Elton John

"The Late Nino Quincampoix"

Nino is late
His watch is probably stopped
And if his watch has stopped
He had to get it fixed
Fixed at the shop
That sits across the tracks
The same high voltage tracks of Europe's fastest train

Lost in thought
Nino's half way across the railway tracks
The instant the train impacts and
Current flows through Nino's arteries
Which stops his heart
While train cars tear his limbs apart and
Nino survives
They even find his watch
Placed back upon his wrist, by a nurse named Nora

She gets him to walk
She bathes him with a sponge
She helps him to his knee when he proposes

Who has time for a guy like that
For a guy who doesn't know
How to tell time
How to tell time
How to tell


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