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Lil Twist

"No Flex Zone (Freestyle)"

Youngin, Golden Child
(Uuh) flex flex

[Verse 1]
No flex, zone (no)
Two grams, too sauced (woo)
Twist still smoking that good (yea)
Swisher Sweets or Blackwood (which ones?)
Still fucking hoes in my hood
Bust a nut then bust a drug (bust it)
Everybody in this bitch real Blood (Soo Woo)
I've been doing this shit for a minute (for a minute)
Fresh fade [?]
Told them about about to go blah
Off with ya head nigga, seven to ya ass (damn)
No flex, I'm on
These niggas just a couple boys
Somebody tell Funk Flex I'm on
So my nigga can drop a couple of bombs
Hot 97 what it do?
Fuck Charlamagne, you a bitch (fuck em)
Shit, niggas outside like the Clippers getting red, get ya fucking wig split
Niggas outside like the Clippers
And I'm the mothafuckin point guard
How a nigga gonna flex in a zone walk around with [?] report card?
Don't get ya car pulled, get ya car took, now you niggas gotta car pool
Bitches swimming with the killas, ain't no room for you fish, this is shark food (sharks)
Four days since I lay it down
Still walk around with ten chains on
Don't matter if a nigga land in Tokyo (nope)
They still going to know my nameo
Twist them diamonds so cool
Twist them diamonds so nasty
You be that Young Money youngin
Is that why we see bitches flashing?
Twist them diamonds so cool
Roll the blunts like [?] tubes
And I've been high since middle school
So that's why I dropped out of high school (God damn)
Got more paper than a teacher
Guess you can call that the right move
Walking down the house saying "What's a job nigga?"
And ain't Devin but I'm that dude
Tell that bitch what? "Cash rules"
So all on a niggas nuts, cashews
Pull out the dick, bitch glop it quick
Now that's what a nigga call fast food (Young Money)

(Now that's fast)
Ya, young fooling
Young Money, Cash Money

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