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Lil Twist

"Doin the lil twist"

Doin the lil twist
[Intro-lil pio]
Yea you know someone young in the young money
The young lil twist
I will rock out my jeans like him
Ya know who I am
Lil pio out for fame

[Verse 1- lil pio]

Ehooo pimpin them glasses
I am the funny one in all my classes
We all call out like we are malasses
Nothing could ever go past me
Eyebrows waxed niggas push their bodies to the max
Nothing but my girl all over my iphone
All my shows will never be postponed
Im in a room that is so dang cold
Turn up the heater but I still make it hotter
My heart is the biggest full of love and hope and
So warm wear it like a house robe
Them is wearin my style
Nice nike kicks
My life is just a big movie flick
That will never end
These niggas jealose cuz the girls on me
Jack and jill have finally reach the hill
Lil twist gets all the girls
I can bench like im doin curls
Most the girls from the hood
The definition is hoodrats
Them always runnin the city acting like they the sexy thang
Ymcmb is what I will soon to represent
Oregan ducks neon green and yellow
I put my life in a slow mellow
Laid back like the weezy
Weezy f taught me
It will be your time to die when its your time to die
So live your life the way you want it

Yeeaa I feel like the next lupe fiasco
The singer like drizzy
Just call it good drizzy
The still from lil twist
My name is lil pio
And I am doin the lil twist(lil twist)
Whoooooe whoooooe
Life could be so complitcated
People poison food so be people could be toxicated
Drive off the streets to my next show yea
Bros before them hoes
I get the girl
I still have the girl
Charlie brown missed the ball
On his head what a hard fall

Boom boom nigga
Boom boom nigga
Time to pull the trigga
Ill be the carter IV mascot
I pass my classes like a relay
Put my music on the replay
I can feel the excitement
Most people could see me
Im on the internet com'on yawl look this nigga up
Doin the lil twist
[End of song]

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