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Spice 1

"No Real G'z"

Chorus x2

They don't make no more (no more), real niggas like us (real gangsta rappers)
BLAOW! They don't make real niggas like us no more

[Verse 1]
Take you back and kick some shit about the old school days
When me and 2pac use to smash through the motherfuckin' bay
He use to live by the lake, right by the parkway exit
We use to pull bad bitches and get 'em ass-hole naked
I was doin' the "In My Neighborhood" video shoot
Just about the same time my nigga Pac did "Juice"
That nigga came through my video and said "Whatsup-er"
Spice 1, do that rap shit where you stutter
Was a bad motherfucker, we both laughed at eachother
Off the good Bin Laden bomb indo smoke
True gun clappers, days of the real gangsta rappers
But in this time and day, shit, it dont matter
If the nigga liked the party they gonna give him the role
Too many suckers in disguise wearin' gangsta's clothes
You can tell when you look in my eyes that I'm a ridah
Ready to dump and bust slugs for my motherfuckin' partna'z BLAOW

Chorus x2

[Verse 2]
There will never be another Pac, or Scarface
Another Ice Cube nigga, won't be another Dr. Dre
And what about the D.O.C. he made noise
But man, that shit was fucked up when he lost his voice
Real gangsta rappers, MC Eiht and DJ Quick
Them niggas had me fired up with all that gangbang shit
Don't forget Eazy E or the OG Ice T
That nigga Too $hort use to pick me up from highschool G
The real pioneers of the gangsta rap scene
I use to open for N.W.A. at seventeen
Use to be a jacka, call me the real gangsta rapper
WESTSIDE nigga home of the playas pimps and macks
We the originators of gangsta shit, we love to spit it
Tell the real, let these motherfuckers know the ordeal
I remember Dub C (W.C.) when he came wit the MAAD Circle
From the north to the south Cali niggas was spittin verbals

Chorus x2

[Verse 3]
You know JIVE Records had to travel to the east
Cause this gangsta rap shit was blowin up like yeast
Fuck with my nigga Noreaga and my nigga Cam'Ron
My niggas from all over Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx
Even though I'm comin' from W.E.S.T
Some of the niggas on the east got love for me
Real gangsta rappers, they respectin' this thug shit
Cause it was 187 dump a nigga in a ditch
Even if a motherfucker wasn't likin' our rap
He had to respect this motherfuckin Glock in my lap
When it comes to real gangsta rappers I'm one of the last
So catch a glimpse of a motherfuckin blast from the past
Spice 1, Bossalini, Fetti Chico Soprano
Put a slug up in your ass have you singin' Soprano
They don't make real niggas like us no mo'
But you can catch me signin' autographs and doin' a show

Chorus til end (with talking)

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