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Spice 1


[Verse 1: Brotha Lynch Hung]
Aye, I think I'm sick, can't tell my arm from my dick
Don't be alarmed you slutty bitch, nah I'm just venting
Big game every minute, you niggas go back and forth like tennis
I get cash, put that Louisville slug in that ass nigga
See I don't trust, ready to die when I bust
Imma get a nigga to fry when I eat them guts
(Nigga what'd you just say?) Eat them guts
I turn em, beat them sluts, make sure they don't breath no more
Make sure they don't eat no more
Put em in the back of the dark blue cut
(Put em in the back of the dark blue what?)
See I don't know if my brain's right
Happy then sad in the same night
That crest got when the game's tight, but
But I'm so drunk I can't aim right, hit two bitches in the same night
Nah fuck, but really hit them bitches, then Imma hit them switches
Y'all mad? You better dig some ditches, oh bad, circumcise em, all that
It's that living raw black, siccness in him
You know what I'm saying? I mean I went to the doctor, he told me I might have-

[Verse 2: Ganksta Nip]
No matter what killer I mention, keep dancing
Bushwick, Ganksta Nip, Charles Manson
Karla Faye Tucker, and [?], Robert Durst, he'll try to cut up your chest
From the land there's problems, yea I'm cool with em
They used to live down the street I went to school with em
Before they killed their parents yea I told em man
I don't work that knife yea I show demand
My bad, I ain't mean to show em that
If they're getting out of jail you can throw them back
The homie [?] used to swing that bat
The same way Karla Faye used to swing that ass
He ran into the church and left five people wet
Cops gave him [burger king?], they ain't killed him yet
AK, 100 rounds, that's what I'll give em
I created horrorcore, that's my Odd-Tism

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
They tell me I'm a different individual

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