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Spice 1

"Hell Naw"

[Hook] 4x
(Suck my pussy nigga!) Hell naw, fuck you!

["Get Buck" chant in the background]

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
We be up in the club, me and my niggas fresh as a (?)
Scopin' booties of some cutie hoochies
With some (?)
I ain't cruisin' mane y'all hoes be the worst of me
Fuck a pretty bitch, gimme some cool with some cheese
She could be some (?), she could be some brown
She could be long as she get down-down
... honeycomb deep up in the trees

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
I'm 'bout my pimpin' so I need to find some girlfriend
Call up on a pile of weed, bought a couple of fifths of gin
Find a cool spot that too hot for the crooked cops
Just my niggas burn up some pot, junkies smoking rocks
Meet me on da block, what you want? Black (?)
(?) with a (?)
(?) want a sexy brown-brown
Put your cheese down-down
You can meet her down town
In the bed she clown-clown

[Hook] 4x
(Suck my pussy nigga!) Hell naw, fuck you!

[Verse 3: Lord Infamous]
Sometimes I be wantin' to take my fist
And beat these bitches badly
These bitches be playin' more games
Than motherfucking Milton Bradley
But these trickin' ass bitches would never put me
Up in (?) gettin' me locked down
Never around once I got no (?) about the night (?)
These bitches be lookin' real fucked up ... get behind
I'll never be payin' a fine
Till this bitch is on my mind
I'm hittin' it all the time
Cause all of the bitches are mine
So like I said, nigga keep a third eye on your track
Because I'm jumping the strategy
Bitches are getting me pennies ... off in my count
(?) bitch you better make this shit leave
Get your ass up from under the sheets
And get this deep rear relief
See cause bitch, I don't wanna hear no stories
That's when I get in them draws
I'm leavin' the blaze of glory
Cause the killers are killin' the coochie
The hoochies are gettin' up outta them clothes
I'd never be lovin' a slut and I never would propose
I'm spittin' this gangsta shit
To all you (?) dick nigga fake hoes

[Hook] 4x
(Suck my pussy nigga!) Hell naw, fuck you!

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