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Uncle Murda Lyrics

Party & Pain (2017)

Yellow Tape: King Kong & Godzilla (2016)

Gunshine State of Mind (2013)

The First 48 (2013)

Five And Better Series : Volume 4 (2009)

Summer Time Shootouts (2009)

Graduation "Bonus Tracks, Remixes, Unreleased" EP (2007)

The Co-Op w/ DJ Envy (2007)

don't go outside volume 1

Legendary Cypher

The Battle for NYC

The Lenny Grant Story

Welcome To Klanville

Other Songs

2 Minutes
A Good Man Is Gone
All the Way Up
Anybody Can Get It
Big vs Jay
Black and Yellow
Body Dance
Brooklyn Shit
Brother & Sister
Bullet Bullet
By Any Means
Cam'ron Voice
Cam'ron Voice (Remix)
Can't Tell Me Nothing (R.O.C. Remix)
Change the Story
Dead Bodies [Catch A Body]
Do Someting
Do Sumthin (Suge Knight Diss)
Don't Take it There (Unity Remix)
En Why Cee (NYC)
Excuse Me
Fuck A Cop
Gang Gang
Got You Open
Gotta Have That
Gun Clap
Hands Up
Hang Wit' - 3396570
Harder Then Them (Remix)
He Asked For It (Fat Joe Diss)
Heard Of Me
Hottest in the Hood (Remix Part Three)
I'm in Luv Wit A Stripper 3 : Tha Ultra Remix
Kay Slayed 'Em
Live by the Gun
Money Work
Move Like a G
Murdergram 2009
My Niggas (GMG)
My Way Or Nothing
New York
New York City
NYC Driveby
On & On
On the Real
OOOUUU (Remix)
Out In Brooklyn
Panda (Remix)
Paper Chaser
Pop Ya Belly Ring
Poppin Bottles
Pussy Like Oouuu
Rap Up 2014
Rap Up 2015
Rap Up 2016
Rap Up 2017
Right Now
Right Now (Remix)
Runnin the City
Same Way
Shooters Everywhere
Stick Up Music
Summertime Shootouts
The Bad Guy
The Cypher: The Notorious B.I.G. Tribute
The Response (Kendrick Diss)
The Ruler's Back
Thugz Cry
Tryna Get It
Uncle Murda Exclusive Camilo Commercial Free Mix Freestyle
Warning (Remix)
Wu wuu wuu
Ya Mean
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