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Snoop Dogg Lyrics

Dazamataz (2018)

Electrik (2018)

First Made Kit (2018)

Color Blind: Hate & Happiness (2017)

Good Life (2017)

Life Hurts (2017)

Original Is Never Finished (Adidas Ad Campaign) (2017)

Up All Night (2017)

Fresh Outta Space 3 (2016)

LBC Movement presents Beach City (2016)

Penitentiary Chances (2016)

4U (2015)

Choices (Yup) [Deluxe Remixes] (2015)

Cuzznz (2015)

ICONoclast (2014)

Talk Dirty (2014)

Supersonic Pulse (2013)

Eye of the Tiger Vol. 2 (2012)

Out of the Black (2012)

Sleepless Nights 1.5 (2012)

That's My Work Vol.1 (2012)

The Pre-Hustle 2 (2012)

The Undivided EP (2012)

West Coast Ridah (2012)

Tha Funk Capital of the World (2011)

The Boys - International Edition (2011)

Throw Your Dubs Up! (2011)

Freaknik: The Musical (Soundtrack) - EP (2010)

NBA 2K11 Soundtrack (2010)

We Are The World (Artist: Artists for Haiti) (2010)

Death Row: The Lost Sessions Vol. 1 (2009)

The Chronic Re-Lit & From The Vault (2009)

Let's Ryde 2Night EP (2008)

Singh is Kinng (2008)

The Greatest Story Ever Told (2008)


The Return of The Gangsta (2006)

Bigg Snoop Dogg Presents... Welcome to tha Chuuch: Da Album (2005)

Boss'n Up (2005)

The Best of Snoop Dogg (2005)

Big Snoop Dogg Presents: Welcome 2 tha Chuuch.. Vol. 3 (2004)

G-Unit Radio Part 9 - G-Unit City (2004)

Need For Speed: Underground 2 Soundtrack (2004)

Westside Story (2004)

You Know What It Is, Vol. 2: Throwin' Rocks At the Throne (2004)

G-Unit Radio Part 3 - Takin It To The Streets (2003)

True Crime: Streets of LA (The Soundtrack) (2003)

Astérix et Obélix : Mission Cléopâtre - BO (2002)

NBA Live 2003 Soundtrack (2002)

Snoop Dogg Presents... Doggy Style Allstars Welcome To Tha House Vol. 1 (2002)

The Brothers: Music From the Motion Picture (Soundtrack) (2001)

West Coast Bad Boyz: Poppin' Collars (2001)

Foolish (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1999)

Next Friday (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1999)

G-Funk Classics Vol. 1: Ghetto Preacher (1998)

Memorial Day (1998)

No Limit Compilation: We Can't Be Stopped (1998)

No Limit Soldiers: We Can't Be Stopped (1998)

Ride (Music From the Dimension Motion Picture) (1998)

Straight Outta Compton: N.W.A 10th Anniversary Tribute (1998)

A Very Special Christmas 3 (1997)

Based On a True Story (1997)

A Thin Line Between Love & Hate (Music From the Motion Picture) (1996)

Christmas On Death Row (1996)

First Round Knock Out (1996)

Natural Born Killers: A Soundtrack (1994)

Poetic Justice (Music From the Motion Picture) (1993)

Deep Cover (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1992)


2Pac Unreleased

amazon books

Bad Boys 2 Soundtrack

Bones (Original Motion Picture Houndtrack)

Danksta Life

Down Bad

Headed To The Classic Tape (1996)

Hit The Gas (single)

Introduction to Mackin'

It's Pimpin' Pimpin'

Ladies of Beach City

Living on My Rough Street

Locke High

Look Out For Detox

Major Distribution - Single

Mean Green Presents: Major Players Compilation


Million Dollar Dreams

Mixtape: Paying A Price With Sin

Mo Thugs IV: The Movement

My Life as a Mack: Vol. 1

Nuthin But A Gay Thang - Single

Only In California (CD Promo)

Power Music

Royal Fam

Smoke Signals

Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle DVD

Still Feelin' It (Remix) - Single

Syrup & Soda 1995 [CD 1 & 2]

The Chronic: Re-Lit & From the Vault

The Chronic: Re-Lit & From The Vault

The Last AI

United We Doth

We Run This, Vol. 6

What's the Worst That Can Happen? soundtrack

Whiteboys (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Other Songs

"7 Days of Funk" Album Art
''Tha Doggfather'' Album Cover Art
'N My System
(O.J.) Wake Up
(Tear 'Em Off) Me & My Doggz
**** What They Say
1 AM
1,2 1,2
10 Lil' Crips
187um (Deep Cover Remix)
1st We Blaze It Up
2 Minute Warning
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (Clean Version)
20 Dollars to My Name
20 Minutes
21 Jumpstreet
213 Tha Gangsta Clicc
21st Street (Remix)
2Pac - The Call (feat. Snoop Dogg)
3's Company
31 Flavaz
420 (Blaze Up)
420, Baby!
6 in the Morning
7 Acoustic Covers (Medley)
7th or St. Tammany
9MM (Speaker)
A Bitch I Knew
A Doggz Day Afternoon
A Message 2 Fat Cuzz
A Nigga Witta Gun
A Pimp's Christmas Song
A Story to Tell (feat. Kurupt)
A Word Witchya! (Intro)
Africa (Top 40 No Rap Radio Edit)
Afro Puffs
Afro Puffs (Extended Remix)
Ahh Shit Gah Damn!
Ain't No Fun
Ain't No Fun ( If the Homie's Can't Have None) { Cassette Version }
Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)
Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None) [Extended Edit]
Ain't No Fun (Nate Dogg Tribute) - Live
Ain't No Love
Ain't Nobody
Ain't Nut'in Personal
Ain't Worried About Nothin (Remix 2)
Aint no fun if the hommes cant have none
Ain’t It Man
All Bout U
All Bout U [OG] (Clean)
All For You
All For You (Remix)
All I Do Is Win
All I see
All My Hoes
All That I Want
All The Way (Pimp Hop)
All the Way Up (Westside Remix)
Almost in Love
Always Got Something to Say
Anotha Killin'
Another Day
Another Summer
Any Time
Around The World
Art Of Rap Freestyle
Ashtrays and Heartbreaks
At the Same Time
Aw, Here It Goes (Mashup)
B Please
Baby If You're Ready
Baby's Mama
Bacc In da Dayz
Bacc On Tha Rise
Back In The Day
Back Up
Back Up Ho
Back Up Ho - Instrumental
Back Up Off Me
Bad 4 Me
Bag Lady
Ball Till We Ball
Baller Dogg
Balls of Steel
Bang Bang
Bang it Out
Bang Out
Bang this
Bartender Please
Batman & Robin
Batman and robin - feat. lady of rage, rbx
Be Like Me (Remix)
Be Like No One
Be Thankful
Beach City (Ladies)
Beat Up on Yo Pads
Beautiful (Radio Edit)
Because I'm Black
Been Around Tha World
Best Friend
Best Thang Smokin'
Betta Ask Somebody
Betta Days
Beware of My Crew
Big Bang Theory
Big Bitches
Big Business pt.2 (Bigger Business)
Big Mouth
Big Pimpin'
Bitch Niggaz
Bitch Please
Bitch Please II
Bitches Ain't Shit
Bitches Ain't Shit
Bitches Ain't Shit
Bitches Ain't Shit
Bitches/World Wide Dime Piece
Black and Yellow
Black and Yellow G-Mix
Black Hollywood
Blaze It Up
Blink Blink (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Blows My Mind
Bo$$ Playa
Boss Playa
Boss' Life
Bottle Pop
Bounce, Rock, Skate
Bow Down
Bow Wow (That's My Name)
Boyfriend (Single Version)
Brake Fluid (B******* Pump Yo Brakes)
Brake Fluid (Biiittch Pump Yo Brakes)
Brake Fluid (Biiittch Pump Yo Brakes)
Brand New
Break a Bitch Til I Die
Breathe It In
Bring Back That G Shit
Bring it On
Brown Skin
Buck 'Em
BUSH Album Art + Tracklist
Buss'n Rocks
By My Side
C'Mon Now
Cali Chronic (Remix)
Cali Iz Active
California Dreaming (feat. Snoop Dogg & Paul Rey)
California Gurls
California Gurls (Armand Van Helden Remix)
California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) [MSTRKRFT Main Mix]
California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) [Passion Pit Main Mix]
California Gurls (Innerpartysystem Main Mix)
California Gurls (Manhattan Clique Long Beach Mix)
California Gurls (Passion Pit Main Mix)
California King
California Roll
California Vacation
Calling Mumia
Can I Get A Flicc Witchu
CAN I GET A Flicc Witchu feat.Bootsy Collins
Can I Get A Flicc Withchu
Can U Control Yo Hoe
Can U Get Away?
Can You Control Yo Hoe
Can't Go for That (Remix)
Can't say Goodbye
Can't Say Goodbye
Can't Say Goodbye (Promo Only clean edit)
Can't Stop
Can't Stop the Boss
Candy (Drippin' Like Water)
Candy (Drippin' Like Water) - Final Album Version (Explicit)
Candy (remix)
Caught Up
Change Gone Come
Chin Check
Chin Check
Chin Check (Extended Version)
Choices (Yup) [G-Mix]
Choose Up
Chose Me
Christmas In The Dogg House [Tracklist + Album Art]
Christmas Intro
Christmas Outro
Chronic Break
Class Room Intro
Clint Eastwood (Snoop Dogg Remix)
Coffee From Colombia
Coffee from Colombia (Bimbo Jones Club Remix)
Coffee from Colombia (Bimbo Jones Dub Mix)
Coffee from Colombia (Bimbo Jones Radio Mix)
Coffee from Colombia (Burak Yeter Remix)
Coffee From Colombia (Extended Version)
Coffee From Colombia (My Digital Enemy Club Remix)
Coffee from Colombia (My Digital Enemy Radio Mix)
Coffee from Colombia (Radio Killer Remix)
Coffee from Colombia (Suat Ateşdağlı Remix)
Coffee from Colombia (Tavo Loves Colombia House Mix)
Coffee from Colombia (Tavo Radio Mix)
Cold Game
Come and Get With Me
Come and Get With Me (Remix)
Come and get with me - feat. snoop dogg
Come Up To My Room & Fucc
Concrete Jungle
Coolaid Man
COOLAID [Booklet]
Cosmic Kev Freestyle
County Blues
County Blues (OG Version)
Crip Hop
Crip or Die
Cutie Pie
Cyco-Lic-No (Bitch Azz Niggaz)
D.N.A (Drugs-N-Alkahol)
D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2
Da Bo$$ Would Like To See You
Dance Wit Me
Dangerous MC's
Dat Bumpin
Dat Whoopty Woop
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming [feat. Akon, Snoop Dogg & T.I.] - Amended
Dead Man's Tetris
Deeez Nuuuts
Deep Cover
Deep Cover
Deez Hollywood Nights
Dev's Theme
Diamonds On My Neck
Dic Walk
Different Languages
Dime Piece
Dirty Hoe's Draw
Dis Finna Be A Breeze
Ditty Dum Ditty Doo
Do It
Do My Thang
Do Sumin'
Do the Damn Thang
Do U Wanna Roll (Dolittle Theme)
Do You Remember
Do You Wanna Roll? (Dolittle's Theme)
Dogg Collar
Dogg House
Dogg House America
Dogg House Soulfood
Dogg Market
Dogg Market (Everyday) (E-Moe Remix)
Dogg Named Snoop
Dogg Pound 4 Life
Dogg Pound Freestyle Session
Dogg Pound Gangstaville
Dogg's Turismo 3
Doggfather (Remix)
Dogghouse In Your Mouth
Dogghouse Ridaz
Doggs Ride
Doggy Dogg World
Doggy pound
Doggystyle [Comic]
Doggytail (Can't Take It)
Doggz Gonna Get Ya
Doh' Doh'
Doin' Time (Remix)
Doin' Too Much
Dolomite (skit)
Domino Intro
Don Doggy
Don't Be Foolish
Don't Do The Crime
Don't Fight The Feelin'
Don't Kiss Me (Remix)
Don't Let Go
Don't Stop
Don't Stop
Don't Stop (COOLAID)
Don't Stop (radio)
Don't Sweat It
Don't Tell
Double Tap
Double Up
Dove of Peace
Down 4 my n's - feat. c-murder and magic
Down 4 My Niggas
Down South
Downtown Assassins
DP Gangsta
DPG Fo' Life
DPG Unit
DPG Unit
DPGC: U Know What I'm Throwin' Up
Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E. (Azerbaijani Translation)
Drop It Like It's Hendrix
Drop It Like It's Hot
Drop It Like It's Hot (Album Version)
Drop It Like It's Hot (clean)
Drop it like it's hot - album version (edited)
Drop It Like It's Hot Edited Version
Drop It Like It's Hot freestyle
Drop it Like it's Hot Remix
Drug Test
Dumb Shit
Dying in My City
East Coast REMIX
Eastside Party
Eastside Ridaz
Eff Granddad
El Lay
Every Dogg Has His Day
Every Single Day
Everybody Know Me
Everybody's Circulation
Everywhere I Go
Executive Branch
Eyez Closed
Faden Away
Feel About Snoop
Feel Like Heaven
Feels So Good
Flip It (The Edit)
Fly Away
Fly Like an Eagle
For All My Niggaz & Bitches
Freak Da Club
Freaky Tales
Freestyle Conversation
Freestyle on Arsenio Hall Show
French Inhale
French Inhale
Fresh like me
Fresh Pair of Panties On
From Long Beach 2 Brick City
From Tha Chuuuch to Da Palace
From Tha Chuuuch To Da Place
From Tha Chuuurch To Da Palace
Fruit Juice
Fuck a Bitch
Fuck Donald Trump Bitch (Marshawn Lynch Stream of Consciousness)
Fuck The World
Fuck What Happens Tonight
Fuck What They Say
Fuck wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
Fuck yeaaah
Fuck You
Fuck You (Cover)
Full Of That Shit
Funk Doctor
Funny Hoes
Fux with the Tux
G Bedtime Stories
G Funk Intro
G'd Up
G's Iz G's (Remix)
Game Court
Game Don't Wait
Game Of Life
Game Over (Remix)
Gang Bang 4 Real
Gang Bang Rookie - feat. Pilot
Gangbang Rookie
Gangbangin' 101
Gangsta Boogie
Gangsta Gangsta
Gangsta Like Me
Gangsta Luv
Gangsta Luv (Mayer Hawthorne G-Mix)
Gangsta Move
Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (Mega Mix)
Gangsta Ride
Gangsta Shit
Gangsta Shit
Gangsta Walk
Gangsta Walk
Gangsta Walk
Gangsta Wit It
Gangsta Zone
Gangsta's Life
Gangsta's Paradise (Nick T Remix)
Gangstas Don't Live That Long
Gangstaz Life
Gangsta’s Life (feat. Nipsey Hussle)
Get 'Em Girls
Get 2 Know Ya
Get a Light
Get Away
Get Bout It & Rowdy
Get Down
Get High
Get It Get It
Get it Up
Get Live
Get Low
Get Low
Get Mine
Get Ready
Get Ready For Detox (SNIPPET)
Get the Funk Out of My Face
Get U Down Part 2
Get Wit It
Get Wit It*
Get Your Mind Right
Get Your Mind Right Mami
Getta a Grip
Gettin' Funky
GGN Freestyle
Ghetto Commandments
Ghetto Life
Ghetto Millionaire
Ghetto Symphony
Gin & Juice (Remix)
Gin & Juice (Russian)
Gin & Juice II
Gin and Juice
Gin and Juice
Gin And Juice 2
Girl Like U
Girls Gone Crazy
Girls Gone Crazy
Girls, Girls, Girls
Give it 2 'Em Dogg
Give Me That
Go 4 It
Go Away
Go Get That Doe
Go On
Go to Church
Going Home
Gold Diggaz
Gold Rush
Gold Rush
Gone (La Dada Di)
Gonna Miss U
Good Foot
Got Beef
Got Beef
Got Beef (Clean Version)
Got It
Got My Own
Got Those
Gotta Find a Way
Groove On
Groove Thang
Ground Rules
Groupie Love
Groupie Luv
Grow Ass Man