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Raphael Lake Lyrics

Electro Soul 2 (2017)

Indie Chill (2015)

Post Rock 3 (2015)

Indie Pop 3 (2014)

Nu Disco (2013)

Dream Pop (2012)

Electro Pop 2 (2012)

Indie Rock 5 (2012)

Other Songs

A Night Like This
All of Me
All of Me
All That Is Yours
All to Myself
Big Boy
Bring the Fire
Burning Red
By My Side
Candy Man
Come Get It
Coming Home
Daylight Die
Do You Believe
Do You Feel Alive
Doin' That Thing
Don't Die Today
Everythin' Is Right
Everything's Going My Way
Falling Star
Favourite Mistake
Feel the Power
Filthy Cute
Fly Away
Follow me
Forever Here
Forever Young
Game of You
Get Dirty
Get Naughty
Go Get What You Want
Go Hard
Hear Me Out
Hold On
Holy Ciao
I Deliver
I Keep Searching
I See You
I'm Feeling Low
It Feels Good
It's Our Time
Just Because
Keep The Faith Alive
Knocking at Your Door
Let It Out
Let's Run
Light Comes Back
Light It Up
Light Up The Sky
Like a Millionaire
Live Right Now
Live Your life
Make Believe
New Dawn
Not Havin' It
Not The Only One
Oh Snap
Only Book I've Read
Put In The Work
Ready to Blow
Roll with Me
Run Wit Me
Seein' Is Believing
Seize the Day
Set Me Free
Shout It Out
Slide Right In
So Turnt
Some Other Fool
Speed of Light
Stand Understood
Start Again
Sticky Vicious
Stop Sign
Swing Over
Teach Ya
That Smile On You
The Feeling
The Hot Step
The Recipe
The Time Is Now
This Electricity
This Love
Time Out
Too Ambitious
Turn It Up
Wait For Me
Wait Too Long
We are golden
We Are Wonderful
We Own the Night
Why Cry
Willing and Able
Wishing Well
Worlds Apart
Wrong to Be Right
You Are Magnificent
You Make Me
You're One of a Kind
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