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"Divas & Dimes"

Uh Huh!

[Hook: Troy Ave]
It's too many divas
And not enough dimes
If it ain't about money
Then I ain't got time
Even though I got a Rollie
And chopard with the fish
Fuck these ho's
I'm Going hard with the Bricks

[Verse 1: Troy Ave]
Man its one in the head
And sixteen in the clip
You fuck with my bread
You getting seen nigga RIP
Hand to the sky, niggas know how I give it up
Coke I supply for the benz and big truck
Tryna get a crib in a name of my bitch
Had thirty percent cash but her credit wasn't shit
She ain't helpin' and she hurtin' had to leave her alone
Fuck SUNY mae I don't need that loan
Left moms duke crib and found my own spot
Switched cars switched bone's shit was so hot
I remember holy dog he was followed by the fed's
In an unmarked car about to pick up his kids
I'm like damn homie who the fucks a snitch?
We sell weight to weightman
Ain't non of them getting hit
Paranoid thoughts running through my head about grimes
Tryna figure what they know certain shit I'm dying
With a needle in my arm if a blow drought
Life ain't fair and I've been living so foul
Ain't no raps and plus I had to know how
To get this coke and move it like a snow Plow (Plaowww)

[Hook: Troy Ave]

[Verse 2: Troy Ave]
And time in peace I'm prepared for war
Looking at my time piece I'm prepared for more
Got a mavado a cartier and a rolex
Might buy a audemar maybe the hublot next
Everyday in the streets they telling me you goin' blow next
Selling yay' in the street's to felons you nigga's bow-flex
I gave a whole another meaning to putting work out
Distribute the work evenly till my work's out
Some nigga's ain't built really don't ever work out
Strong arm robberies turn them nigga's to church route
Now the lord with 'em god forbid the law get'em
He going testify on the stand and bring us all with him
Damn, victimizer's become the victim's
Nigga either way it ain't right
It's like counting it with the baggie you ain't weighting it right
Ain't no trying to make a point once I say it ain't right
I'm dealing pound in perico green and white bills for it
Bought more birds then popeyes and that cooking bitch
Literally through my whip window here you go buy new rolls time to roll minor pole get this dough
When your bread up bitches get ahead up
And I've been getting so much head it's like a setup
When nigga's get they drop you get shot from the neck up
Fucking around with dots all your knots going be separate


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