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Talib Kweli Lyrics

Caribe (2017)

Compass (2017)

Crossfire: The Series (2017)

Re:Coil Part I - EP (2017)

Le gang des antillais (Bande originale) (2016)

Legend1 (2015)

Roy G Biv: What A Colourful World (2015)

Train of Thought: Lost Lyrics, Rare Releases & Beautiful B-Sides Vol. 1 (2015)

Freestyle 4 Freedom (2014)

PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (2014)

Take It Or Leave It (2013)

Monster (2012)

I Found My Backpack 2: The Lost Notebook (2011)

Scars & Stripes (2011)

Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations (2007)

Blacksmith: The Movement (2006)

Starr Status (2006)


The Time Chronicles (2004)

Duck Season Vol. 2 (2003)

Entertainer's Basketball Classic at Rucker Park Presents: Across 155th Street (2003)

Freestyle Archive Vol. 1 (1997-1998) (2003)

5th Power Presents: Talib Kweli featuring Million (2000)

Black Label: Hip Hop 101 (2000)

Hip Hop (2000)

Heavy Beats Vol. 1 (1999)

Tags of the Times 2 (1999)

Deckstream Soundtracks

Essential Underground Hip Hop

Freestyle 102

Getting up (Soundtrack)

Gorilla State


I Am

The Chronicles of Dope

The MCEO Mixtape

Other Songs

"Know your enemy, know yourself, that's the politic." (Dead Prez)
1st Time (feat. Consequence)
2000 Seasons
2000 Seasons
23 Ways You Could Be Killed if You Are Black in America
5 AM in Brooklyn
A Game
Abra Cadabra
Africa Dream
After the Rain
Ain't Waiting
All of Us
Alot More To Give
Another Day
Another World
Around My Way
Around The Block
Art Imitates Life
Astronomy (8th Light)
Attack the Block
B Boys Will B Boys
Baby Girl
Back Again
Back It Up
Back Up Off Me
Back Up Offa Me
Beautiful (Black Star Remix)
Beautiful Struggle
Before He Walked
BET Cypher 2012: The True School
Black Girl Pain
Black Owl Pussy Beataz Mix
Bright as the Stars
Broken Anglish
Broken Glass
Broken Glass (live)
Brown Guys
Brown Skin Lady
Brown Sugar (Raw)
Buck 'Em Down
Buck 'Em Down Freestyle
Can We Go Back
Castles in BK
Certified Samurai
Chain Heavy
Chemtrails & Muslim Wars (Remix)
Children's Story
City Playgrounds
Cold Rain
Colors of You
Come Around (Remix)
Come Here
Comin from the Lower Level
Country Cousins
Cross Fire
Crossfire, Part II
D.J. Higgins, Jay Z, Pretty Lights, Talib Kweli
Day By Day
Delicate Flowers
Did COINTELPRO Ever Go Away?
Dis Morning
Distraction (Occupy Wall Street Freestyle)
Doc Shebeleza (Remix)
Don't Be Afraid
Don't Let Up
Down For The Count
Drugs, Basketball, & Rap
Due Process
Earning Potential
Eat to Live
Engine Running
Every Ghetto
Every Ghetto Pt. 2
Everything Man
Everywhere I Go
Expansion Outro
Experience Dedication
Fall Back
Fallen Star
Family First
Favela Love
Finally Free
Flash Gordon
Fly Away
Fly That Knot
Fly Till I Die
Follow The Leader
For The City
For the Ladies
For The Love
Fortified Live
Four Women
Friends & Family
Fuck The Money
Funny Money
Get Back Pt. II
Get Back, Pt. 2
Get By
Get By (a cappella)
Get By (clean)
Get By (dirty)
Get By (instrumental)
Get By (remix)
Get By - Miss Rosser's Version CAL
Get By - Miss Rosser's Version MSU
Get By - Miss Rosser's Verson WCU
Get By- Miss Rosser's Version FSU
Get Em High
Get Your Way (Sex as a Weapon)
Getting To The Money
Getting up anthem: part 1
Ghetto Love
Ghetto Show
Give 'Em Hell
Give Up Your Guns
Go now (feat. jean grae & iron solomon)
Go Slow (DJ Premier Remix)
Go With Us
Godz N The Hood
Going Hard
Good Mourning
Good To You
Goodfellas/Karen and Henry
Got Work
Great Day in the Mourning
Great Expectations
Grown Folks Talkin'
Grown Man
Guerrilla Monsoon Rap
Gun Music
Gutter Rainbows
Hamster Wheel
Happy Home
Hard Margin
Hater Players
He Said She Said
Heads Up Eyes Open
Here We Go
Here We Go (a cappella)
Here We Go (instrumental)
Here We Go (Original)
High Life
Hip-Hop Worth Dying For
Hold It Down
Hold It Now
Hold Up
Holy Moly
Hostile Gospel Pt. 2 (Deliver Me)
Hostile Gospel pt. I (Deliver Us)
Hostile Gospel, Pt. 1
Hostile Gospel, Pt. 1 (Deliver Us)
Hot Night
Hot Thing
Hot Thing (a cappella)
Hot Thing (album version)
Hot Thing (instrumental)
Hot Thing (radio edit)
Hot Thing Remix
How We Do It
How You Love Me
How You Love Me (Live from BK Bowl)
Human Element
Human Mic
Hypnotized Snakes
I Am
I am on one (feat. cyhi da prynce)
I Can't Breathe
I Like It
I Luv
I Try
I Try (Radio Edit)
I'm On One
I.G. Off, Talib Kweli, and Hazadous Freestyle (A Trip Below)
In My City
In My City
In The Field
In the Mood
In The Red
In This World
Independent (Amadeus Remix)
Inner Monologue
International Wave
Interview with Mother Jones (Comments on Hip-Hop, Homosexuality, and Feminism)
Intro (Produced By Clinton Sparks)
Is This Your Dream Or Mine?
It Only Gets Better
It's Going Down (Chief Xcel remix)
It's Like That
Its Goin' Down Remix
Jackin 4 Beats
Je Dois Partir
Jungle Freestyle (Tim Westwood)
Just Begun
Just Begun
K.O.S. (Determination)
Keep In The Pocket
Keynote Speaker
Kindness for Weakness
Know That
Last Ones
Learn Truth
Leslie Nope
Let Em In
Let Freedom Reign
Let it Breathe
Let It Burn
Let it Go
Let it Go (Blackstar Remix)
Let It Roll
Let Me See (Remix)
Letter From the Government
Liczy się
Life Ahead Of Me
Life's a Bitch
Lift 'Em Up
Lifting Off
Like That
Live On Stage (Remix)
Live Up
Live Your Dreams
Lock Shit Down
Lonely People
Long Hot Summer
Long Life (Remix)
Lord Of The Light
Los Elegidos
Lost Desire
Love Language
Lover’s Peak
Lunchroom Classics
Lyrical Fluctuation
Lyrical Fluctuation (DJ Spinna Remix)
Make it All Better
Make It Classy
Make Things Better
Makes No Sense
Manage Your Anger
Manifest Destiny
Memories Live
Midnight Hour
Miss January
Money Good
Mood Swing
Mood Swing
More or Less
Move Back
Mr. International
Ms. Hill
MSNBC Interview on Stop-and-Frisk
My All
My Favorite Mutiny
My Favorite Song
My Life
My Mamma Said
Name Of The Game
Nelson Mandela
Never Been in Love
Never Can Say Goodbye
Never Stop Loving You
New Leaders
Nice Things
Niggas Lie a Lot
Nine Point Five
No Competition
Nothing Less Than Remix
Nuclear Hip-Hop
NY Shining
NY Weather Report
Ocean Song
Officially Missing You (Remix)
Oh My Stars
Oh Really
Old School Rules
On Being Surveilled and Detained by the FBI and CIA
On My Way
On Site
One Four Love (Pt. 1)
One Two
Only Gets Better
Open letter to President Barack Obama (2008)
Opposite Day
Outside the Lounge
Over the Counter
Oz Theme 2000
Pay Ya Dues
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind (Instrumental)
Peace of Mind (Interlude Version)
Pepsi MAX NFL Audible - Jets vs. Colts
Pepsi MAX NFL Audible - Ravens vs. Chiefs
Place To Rest
Poets & Gangstas
Power, Money and Influence
Pretty Bird
Prime Example
Project Jazz
Purest Heart
Purest Heart Feat. Bottom Feeder, Talib Kweli, Chris Webby & Joel Ortiz
Push Thru
Push Thru (Instrumental)
Put It in the Air
Put Ya Stamp On It
Radio Silence
Raise the Bar
Rare Portraits
Raw Shit
Ready Set Go
Real Women
Real Women
Reset Button
Rhymes and Ammo
Rhymes And Ammo (Remix)
Rhymes And Ammo/Thirsty!
Right About Now
RIP (feat. Styles P & Jean Grae)
Rise Up
Rock On
Rocket Ships
Roll Off Me
Rolling With Heat
Sacred Part 1
Say Something
Say Something (a cappella)
Say Something (album version)
Say Something (alt version)
Say Something (instrumental)
Say Something (radio edit)
Scratch Off
Self Savior
Set It Off
Set It Off (Remix)
Sharp Shooters
Sharp Shooters
She's My Hero
Shock Body
Shuffering and Shmiling
Slap Niggas
So Disgusting
So Fresh
So Good
So Hood
So Low
So Wrong
Some Kind of Wonderful
Soon the New Day
Soul Music
Soul Rebels
Sour Patch Kids (Remix)
Space Fruit (Interlude)
Spike Lee Was My Hero
Stand to the Side
Stand Up (Tribute to Sean Bell)
State of Grace
Stay Around
Stay The Course
Strangers [paranoid] - feat. bun b
Subway Surfing
Supernatural, I.G. Off, Talib Kweli, and Hazadous Freestyle (A Trip Below)
Supreme Supreme
Talib Kweli's Top 100 Hip Hop Albums
Talib Kweli's Top 100 Songs
Talk to You (Lil' Darlin')
Talking Bout You (Ladies)
Tater Tot
Teef's Theme
Tha Proem
That's Enough
The Actual
The Anti-Love Movement
The Beast
The Blast
The Blast Remix
The bridge (feat. jean grae)
The Chosen One (Remix)
The Corner
The Ecstatic [Tracklist + Cover Art]
The Empire
The Express
The Function
The Function
The Killing Season
The Life Remix
The Magic Hour
The Manifesto
The Nature
The One I Love
The Perfect Beat
The Proud
The Show
The Struggle Continues
The Thrill Is Back
The Thrill Is Gone
The Traveler
The Truth
The Venetian
The Wormhole
Theme From Hi Tek
Theme From Hi-Tek
Thieves in the Night
This American Life
This Means You
Time is Right
Time Zone
To The Music
To the Side
Too Late
Too Late (feat. Damon Albarn and Talib Kweli)
Touch (Remix)
Touch You
Traveling Light
Tryin To Breathe
Turn Down For What? Turn Up For The Dream Defenders
Turnt Up
Twice Inna Lifetime
Two And Two
Uh Oh
Untitled 30
Upper Echelon
Wack Niggaz
Wack Niggaz
Wages of Sin
Wait For You
Waitin' for the DJ
We Can Make It Better
We Got the Beat
We Know
We Pullin' Out Tonite
What Can I Do
What I Feel
What If?
What They May Seem
What They May Seem
What’s Real
Where Do We Go
Where Do We Go (dedicated to Weldon Irvine)
Where it Started At (NY)
Where You Gonna Run
Where's the Love
Which Side Are You On
Who Got It
Won't You Stay
Work it Out
Work To Do (Obama For America) (Remix)
Write at Home
Y'All Stay Up
Yankee Fitted
Yelling Away
Yo Yeah
You're Gone
Young Man
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