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Rachel Portman Lyrics

One Day (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2011)

Never Let Me Go (Original Score) (2010)

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997)

Other Songs

A Business Proposal
Arrival at the Games
Ashes to the Wind / Roux returns - Instrumental
Avery Visits Berlin
Caravan - Instrumental
Chocolate Sauce - Instrumental
Fire - Instrumental
Fresh Blood
Guillaume's Confession - Instrumental
Hailsham School Song
Hope You Don’t Go
I Came Here to Run
It’s Not Your Race
July 15th
Mayan Bowl Breaks - Instrumental
Meeting with Goebbels
Meters Are Longer Than Yards
Minor Swing
Mona Lisa Smile Suite
Never Let Me Go
On the Bus to USC
One Day Main Titles
Other Possibilities - Instrumental
Party Preparations - Instrumental
Race Opening Titles
Streets of London
Taste of Chocolate - Instrumental
The 200m Final
The Final Event
The Men’s Broad Jump Final
The Olympic Stadium
The Story of Grandmere - Instrumental
Three Women - Instrumental
Three World Records
U.S. Olympic Vote
Vianne Confronts the Comte - Instrumental
Vianne Gazes at the River - Instrumental
We Had Today
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