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[Verse 1: Incisive]
I look out the window. Squint my eyes on
Sunset horizons - last light before
The nights on
Kids in the street ride bikes that they got from
Rich folks with poor
Padlocks on
Council estates where we play in the street cause the park ain't safe
Breddas shop, turn the street into a marketplace
Drugs, electrical goodies
Laptops, phones, hoodies
Sat navs that have the box get copped
How could he see past the block?
Or past the cops - who always asked to stop
And account
He lost count
Or past his pops
Cause years ago he just bounced
Or past the drop
That his boy got selling ounce
The blocks alot
And temptation we facin
Seems to be erasing
Positive role models we got
But refuse to excuse yourself
And use yourself To improve yourself
I got

[Bridge: Julian Marley]
Theres certain obstacles weve got to overcome
Don’t pull a trigger don’t shoot another down
Theres more to living than just street life don’t you know
Watch what you plant
What you Reap is what you Sow

[Hook: Julian Marley/Dionne Reid]
We are Winners (Winners)
We fight the struggles that they give us
We are champions
Don’t full there prisons (Don’t you fill there)
It only makes their pockets bigger
Don’t let them hold you back

[Verse 2: Incisive]
(We are Winners) Feels like the sun rising
Another day we praise the most high and
Thinking of ways to make a raise without buying
Into the hype
Lets do this right (We are Winners)
Cool breeze summer days
The end of working days
When hard work is paid
Feels kinda like
A revolution against sinners
Not just tryna reach the end, were tryna finish as some winners
Tryna walk a path that isn’t past the line of the law
I guess the working class should work in class and grind beyond poor
Theres no excuses, if we choose this, we can shine even more
Cause no amount of bling will mean a thing when life isn’t pure
(We are winners) Dead right keep your head high
Walk a straight path
Teach your kids right
See I ain't tryna preach but positive speech is what my people need and
If I take the lead, I guess that means that we are winners

[Hook] x 2

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