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Outside the Lines With Rap Genius

"OTL 46: Ron Isley Excerpt #2 - Jimi Hendrix"

SameOldShawn: What do you think he learned from playing with you?

Ron Isley: Jimi, he was very talented -- very, very talented. One of the [most] talented guitar players that we had. He learned a lot with us, because we just toured all over. You name it, we was there

In that time, in that day, it was all fun, man. We made money but it was fun, you know? Canada, Montreal, we went everywhere and did those songs. We sang everybody's songs -- Isley songs, Junior Walker, "Shotgun, shoot it 'fore you run," and everybody's songs. Chuck Berry, we sang Little Richard

SOS: Who was your favorite, other than your own stuff, to sing in those days?

RI: We started off, Little Richard songs -- "Good Golly Miss Molly," we could get the crowds going, everybody would get up and dance and jump all over the place. And we would do "Shotgun," which was another popular song. And we did some of our songs. We made up a show of all those tunes that everybody liked at the time -- "Do the Monkeytime" and some of them other dances, "Do the Twist." Our show would have all that incorporated in it

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