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AJ Rafael Lyrics

In The Still & Homespun, Pt. II - EP (2018)

In The Still & Homespun Pt. I - EP (2017)

Other Songs

Asians Eat Weird Things
Beautiful Escape
Emma Watson
Five-Hundred Days
Flyin So High (feat. Conn Raney)
Goodbye (Chatham Square)
Here All Alone Pt. 3
Here, Tonight
Here, Tonight (EP Version)
I Just Want You
Let It Be
Let It Be
Mess We've Made
My Soldier
Red Roses
She Was Mine
So Quiet
Starlit Nights
Taylor Swift Medley
The Happiest Place on Earth
The Pho Song
We Could Happen
What I've Done
When We Say
When We Say (feat. Andrew De Torres) - Acoustic
Without You
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